9to9Daily is a digital magazine by women and for women. It is a platform that aspires to inspire girls and to answer the unanswered-questions. It’s about the career questions you felt you could never ask, but wanted an older sister to address. We have a passion for girl- empowerment. We want to encourage and help you owning-up to your calling in life with honest and candid content.

9to9Girls was born from the idea of peer to peer inspiration. We found that in all the blogs and podcasts we had been consuming, all interviews were really around famous CEOs and their seemingly unattainable success. Inspiring yes, but hard to relate to. We wanted to read about girls like us with similar backgrounds and education, and hear about their struggles and their dreams. So we started interviewing our friends, and their friends and this thing grew!

Evodie and Noemi are sisters and co-founded 9to9Daily in the summer 2017. Together, they are joining their different ages, life and industry experiences. Born and raised in France, between the two of them they have lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Australia and Norway. Evodie works in Tech and Noemi in Fashion. They both hold MA from Law School and Business School.

They are also best friends.

9to9Daily was always designed to be a digital magazine with multiple voices and multiple perspectives. A place to celebrate and empower women from 9am to 9pm. We wanted an inclusive, open-minded, conscious, political, engaged, fun and irreverent- challenging and comforting place for us and for you.
That is why we are adding new voices and contributors to our platform. We want to hear your thoughts and learn from your passions. From sustainability and gender equality to fitness and plant-based eating. From sex-health and dating to mothering, entrepreneurship and self-development and much more.

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