Winter blues? get the cure


Some of us love winter. Some of us hate winter. Myself ? Well I would have definitely sided with the haters on this one, until a sudden cure came to me, and it didn't involve any sun-beds nor Caribbean escapes. For the last two seasons, I have found a remedy to the doom and gloom and it's simply called colours. A lot of them, and it does the trick.


How does it work you may ask? I personally try to let go of the safe palettes and forget the blacks, greys and kakis altogether. Yes one could argue they are ultimate classics - so very chic, but they also scream predictable and boring. And nobooody wants boring. I'll admit that I still struggle with it. Dark colours just feel so safe and comfortable, and do come more naturally to me in the morning. But going for safe actually doesn't really get us anywhere (preaching to myself as we speak) and certainly won't uplift my mood. So dare to wear bigger, bolder and take the chance to get more fun and creative with what you wear and how you feel.

What are your anti-winter blues ? Would you be comfortable  wearing bold colours in winter ? Please hit us in the section comments with your personal top hacks, the more the merrier !

Noémi F.