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What gets into our bags, the unconscious wonderful selection of precious and useless items is, to me, one of the most revealing things about who we are. There's something deeply private about each and everyone's bag. Something secret and sensuous, something truly intimate. Each time I ask male friends to help me out and dig something out of my bag, there is always this shyness and look that cries "Oh Lord, I would never" and so they end up just passing the bag over, barely looking at it, too scared something could pop out or reveal itself.

Our mother is my complete opposite (that's maybe why I'm so square). Finding something in her purse is like laser quest, paint ball, full combat combined. Scary and intense. Coins, lipsticks, receipts like there is no tomorrow, pens, old chewing-gums, shopping lists and notes of every kind. The most random items live in that thing. So when it comes to mine, I'd rather have things strictly compartmentalised in individual pouches ordered by theme. I am the sort who'd literally loose it trying to find my Metro card, or a ringing phone, or my keys at night. So I thought it was my turn to open up! If you haven't checked Evodie's, give it a read. So without further do, meet the bag! 

Whatsinmybag meet Noémi 9to9daily

The bag

I love shopper bags, you can fit pretty much anything in it: your (full) wallet, an umbrella, an extra pair of shoes if needed, a bottle of water... I'm really fond of the classic Vanessa Bruno's famous cabas. It's chic, glittery (you know my taste for a good pimp accessory!) and yet it manages to stay minimalist all at once. Every French girls owns one, if not more, but I didn't want to be part of the "everyone has one" so I chose pretty bold options : orange with purple glitters and the other one is lime green with silver glitters. Yet, I switch bags pretty much everyday (inherited from our mother) but the favourite of the moment is my Lancel bag Premier Flirt. One of the last commercialised, a nice present from my parents' trip to Milan for my 20th birthday. I really dig that bright color, the practical and chic aesthetics combined. Versatile, you can use it as a cross-body or top-handle bag, which is perfect for a full 9 to 9 day. It's the ultimate IT bag for a Parisian in a rush (like who isn't?). 

My wallet

I always have a big wallet, which in French translates to "compagnon" and literally means "partner", so I let you do the math. 

Whatsinmybag meet Noémi 9to9daily

A pouch

The one item I can't live without. There's anything and everything in it: headphones, alcoholic gel and Kiehl's hand lotion (that smell of grapefruit is wonder), bandage, a foldable hairbrush, a Gemey mascara, gums, a Klorane dry shampoo (yes you know it, full review here), a lighter (in case I'm stranded in the forest and have to crack a fire for my own survival you know), currently a Mavala pink nail polish, and numerous Nivea, Chanel and Guerlain lipsticks. I tend to choose darkish colors because bright red is simply hideous on me unfortunately... Let's go back to the alcoholic gel: it's clearly impossible to live without it in Paris and unless you're into microorganism growing into your hands, use it unlimitedly! I choose mine with a cream base so it doesn't dry my hands too much. 

An agenda

I'm no business woman yet, but I like to keep things around me organised (in appearances). It's such a mishmash in my head, that I need to write things down in order to remember. I added my personal touch to it with a little makeover. I ripped all my Vogue issues and did like a scrapbooking. 
Evodie got me this Caran d'Ache pen, I just love the design and the pretty rose gold color. I simply bring it everywhere with me! Specs you may ask? A little my hipster never hurt nobodyyyy. 

Whatsinmybag meet Noémi 9to9daily

An umbrella

There's nothing to comment on that, purely practical. Not even sexy.

A bottle of water

You get really thirsty in Paris. 


A book

I try to give a little more Literature to my life. It's nice to cut yourself from screens for time to time (mostly in the Metro) and it's a nice time for myself to regroup and enjoy. Currently reading: A Moveable Feast from Hemingway. 

the essentials

"OMG my phone is my entire life!" Hmmmm not for me honey, it's just really, really sad. But I'm just like anybody, I never forget to take it with me whenever, wherever (ohh hello Shakira) needed because it is truly the best piece of expensive and convenient plastic one will ever own. My keys. Well, I like to get home sometimes. Keys do get pretty helpful.

Nothing fancy about my bag, but It's my everyday life. Tell us what's in your bag on the comments section, the more the merrier ! 

Noémi F.

Whatsinmybag meet Noémi 9to9daily