3 apps to help you control your food binging

My ultimate craving is candy. Like forget chocolate, forget cheese, forget pizza and pasta carbs party, I'm and forever will be a candy person. I don't know why, but it's like my entire body and will power just give up at the sheer sight of it, I can't even control myself and end up buying two different packets because choosing is too hard.
At home, I have to say, I do ok. I eat healthy stuff (...ish) buuuuut when I'm at my boyfriend's, well that's where the sh*t hits the fan. When we're together I simply give up and end up eating crap. You name it, Ben&Jerry's, sweets, pizza and cookies of any kind, and believe me my friend, this isn't just a list of examples. For my boyfriend it's ok because he doesn't gain any weight (well call me back in 40 years haha) but sadly I can't say the same when it comes to me. I do have to watch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing about how badly I want my habits to change, I love junk-food and I love eating it and forever will consume it (with moderation). But it gets harder and harder to switch back to healthy food and giving in to junks has become an issue. At lunch break when I go to the grocery store to get myself something to eat, the bazillion of calories hit me right in the face, my brain freezes and I end up with no clear idea of what to eat that might not give me a heart attack or add an extra layer of cushiness to my mighty bottom.

So I took matters into my own hands and downloaded three apps to helpe me figuring out foods' labelling at glance. It gives you input on the amount of saturated fat, noxious additives, salt, sugar and calories but also helps you navigating your dietary restrictions and list out what products you should be avoiding. Pure magic. You should have seen me in the store, scanning everything and anything like an absolute maniac. And here it is my friends. Say thank you. The hips don't lie.


#1: ShopWell

This app allows you to get information on products, but also to set your goals and have personalized food recommendations. It will give you location awareness to find a particular product and also recommend better alternatives to a harmful product (buut delicious). If you have any kind of dietary restrictions such as low FODMAP, Gluten-free, cholesterol, diabetes or allergies such as peanuts, lactose, shellfish etc. GO FOR IT my good ladies!

#2: CarbsControl

Well it’s in the name.  In a low carb diet and tired of counting right? Carbs control helps you manage your intake with what percentage of your day’s calories have been from fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Plus: you can personalise the app on setting your goals. 

#3: Waterlogged

Wondering if you drink enough water? Waterlogged will send you reminders, track your daily intake and via a bottle graphic let you check your goals in order to be healthier. Waterlogged is your daily hydration tacker ! Ps: water is the key to a better skin! Full article on the benefits of water and fat storage here.

Ladies no more excuses for food binging, go for a healthier diet! Have you ever tried any of these apps? Hit us in the comment section, the more merrier! 

Noémi F.