Your guide to chic "Mauvais Goût"

What’s intoxicating about bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of offensiveness.
— Baudelaire

Before last week, I had never been too sure on how to define my style.  And suddenly it became clear. I was a clear case of tasteful mauvais goût. I was shopping with my best-friend in Paris, who happens to have a very-very different approach to clothes. She is the minimalistic, kind of normocore, basics chic Frenchie (the one you all talk about) and well, I like bold prints, mix and match of fabrics and a certain showy allure. Needless to say, shopping together isn't seamless. Hopping from boutique to boutique, boasting great red vinyl pants or velvet blazer finds, all I got from her was (love and) doubtful, judging glances. Where her heart broke for a classic black leather satchel, mine couldn't get over these awesome glittery boots seen across le Marais. I had to face it, yes maybe I loved tacky. And here it was, my style just got labelled. 


Mauvais goût in French is the literal translation of "bad taste". Think Leandra Medine (we spoke about her here) or good old Carrie Bradshaw. It's the flash and wonderful, the kitsch and colourful. Now don't get me wrong fellas, I'm not talking cheap and vulgar. I am talking mixing statement pieces together on a classic casual canvas.

And here are the ultimate rules to master this: 

champion and glitter
flowery shoes
kate moss and leopard coat
snake shoes


  • Own it and smile.
  • Keep your head high. Elegance is key.
  • Start with a basic canvas and build it over.
  • Mix colors, prints, fabrics. 
  • Balance is everything.


  • Be afraid of judgment. Who gives a f*?
  • Just put on a dress. An outfit has layers. 
  • Listen to the 3 colours rule.
  • Ever look cheap.
  • Seek for compliments. This should feel effortless.

Now that you get how it's done, more examples of effortless chic bad taste: 

sequins pants
doré pants
sequin top
glitter shoes
Do you have few tips to share on how to rock a chic mauvais goût ? How would you describe your personal style ? Please hit us in the section comments, the more the merrier !

Noémi F.