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9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink, fashion designer

Meet Nina Jarebrink, the Swedish fashion designer behind her eponymous label Nina Jarebrink! I was curious to know what selfcare rituals it takes to be a successful fashion designer. So without further ado, here is 9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink. This interview is full of magical horses, kombucha and icy showers routines. Enjoy!

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9to9 Selfcare with Mimmi, Founder at By Van Der Crussen

Time for 9to9 Selfcare with Mimmi Van Der Crussen!

If you are anything like me - this interview will deeply move you and encourage you to seek meaning and love for yourself. This one is a longer one, but oh boy it is worth every word. So flag it, send it, share it - you will love it!

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How do you start mindful eating?

Food, exercise, body. And repeat. And try to stop! As I embarked on a year to renew an intuitive relationship with myself and nutrition, here are my 3 learnings so far and some resources to help you too. The jump can be scary, letting go of the reins sure is, but gentleness is key.

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This year I will love my body

I have a pretty intimate relationship with body negativity. My resolution this year is to stop being harsh and instead start treating my body in the way I am loved and love the most precious person in my life. From a gentle place of honouring, with kindness, forgiveness and amazement. After years of eating disorder, join me in my experience of body positivity.

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