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9to9 Girls: meet Anette Founder of As We Are Now (AW:AN)

Meet Anette: the Entrepreneur, Mother and Founder behind As We Are Now, the Ecoluxe loungewear brand beautifully mixing Nordic design and sustainable performance fabrics. Read her interview as we explore her vision for the company, her mission to give women more stylish options for their modern lives; as well as the many tips and reflections she’s gathered along her entrepreneurship way.


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9to9 Girls: meet Siri, Founder, public speaker and author

Meet Siri Abrahamsen! Writer of four books, founder of Gleding, public speaker all over Norway, and mother of three - Siri is the ultimate juggler from 9am to 9pm. Her words on empathy, self-acceptance and gentleness really resonated with me when I first heard her speak, and I wanted to get some of her nuggets of wisdom onto 9to9 and share this with you. You will love to read this, and I cannot recommend you enough to look up more about Siri.

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9to9 Girls: meet Tiril, founder and owner of OSLO RAW

I am so incredibly excited for you to get to know a little more about Tiril. I had the chance to sit down with her over a beautiful velvety frothy matcha latte. We hit-it off immediately. I left feeling more energized and more confident - and that is exactly what she intends to do through her food. This her gateway into instilling a little more happiness, a little more balance and self-intuition into our lives. Check-her interview!

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