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9to9 Girls: meet Lene, founder of CleanCup

Meet Lene, 22, the sustainable and feminist entrepreneur behind the genius brand CleanCup. Born and based  in Oslo, Lene has put her talents as a photographer and marketer at the service of her passion for reproductive rights, gender equality and girls empowerment. I mean a true #9to9girl!

Credit photo: Mats Bakken

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9to9 Girls: meet Pernille, Fashion Designer and owner of Kepaza label

Meet Pernille, 25, the fashion designer and owner of  the Baerum based and world-wide sold label Kepaza. I was particularly taken by Pernille's story and ambition, and I am so delighted to be able to share it with you. Her mission is to empower women of all styles and shapes with feminine, playful and unique designs. Her edgy collections are infused with colourful shapes and bold feminine prints that reflect her life experience and personality. Her incredible story, is one of overcoming adversity and using the odds to show true resilience and strength. I loved Pernille's story and know it will inspire you too.

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9to9 Girls: meet Emily T.

Meet Emily! Ex pro-golfer, Em was raised in sunny Napa, California; educated in Colorado where she met her now husband and moved to Norway two years ago to follow her dreams. After a career shift, she now works as the CMO for a start-up in Oslo. Her character is full of life and oozing kindness. Her answers are truly inspirational to me and so relatable, I am sure there will be for you too! Happy reading!

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7 inspirational books to read this summer

Vacay season is ON! Whatever your plans are, we put together the top inspirational books for (you) women to read to be inspired, laugh and cry this summer! Say no more, we have got you covered!

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When should you ask for a raise?

It really isn't about how you should ask for raise but rather about when. When is it appropriate, relevant and deserved to ask. I'm sharing my personal experience as a manager and as someone who asked successfully and sometimes not.

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