Snoozing? Not for me anymore.

There are two types of people in the world. The ones who snooze in the morning and the ones who don’t. Personally I'll admit I’m more of the first type. I would love to belong to the shiny tribe that hits the 'STOP' button on the alarm clock right away, jumps out of bed ready and pumped with energy (annoying tribe really). Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m more (definitely actually) the opposite type. It takes me quite literally 37min from the moment I manage to extract myself out of bed, to the moment I’m sitting in the metro. It isn't all that much for a buffer, and my head is still buzzing.

I know, I know that I shouldn’t snooze because it means that my mind and body embark on a whole new sleep cycle, which means I will undeniably feel sleepy all day long, which means it is completely counterproductive. Snoozing also mean that I won’t be able to have breakfast, and we spoke about how important that is. It means that for the next 37min my body will be ruining on empty fuel and burning so much energy that I'll get to work twice as much exhausted. You see where this is going. I am no lazy ass. I just looooove sleeping.

Fellow snoozers (oh you know who you are), you are NOT doomed. There are remedies. Here are all the advices I gathered to try to be a #morningchamp (even sacrosanct Insta has a name for them). Read away, choose to ignore, up to you, you've been served.

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#1 Set your alarm clock using bEDTIME APP

Well that might sounds obvious but try to calculate how much sleep you need. iPhone have a great way to do this if you go to the 'Bedtime' section of the alarm clock. You enter your sleeping time and it tells you how long you're scheduled to sleep for. The ring is also super nice and mellow and you can log in sleep patterns weeks on weeks. Just do it. Some need little sleep, some need a lot. I know that I have to put an effort in going to bed early instead of scrolling down on IG black hole or binging watching Netflix.

#2 keep your phone at walking distance from your bed

One of my friends gave me this pretty great tip. Before bed time, set your alarm clock and place it far from your bed. This means that you’ll have to wake up to shut it down, unless you’re a humongous snoozer and you don’t mind the buzzing (I can’t do anything for ya). Trrrrrry not to go back to bed for « 5 minutes » (we all know what that means)

#3 keep a glass of water next to your phone

Next to your phone, prepare a glass of water, in order to hydrate yourself in the morning. It actually has a waking up effect. You can also had some lemon into the water, healthy after a night of fasting. 

#4 Splash head and ears with cold water

Splashing your head helps a lot, but don’t forget the ears. I really love the cooling effect. For the warriors you can also have a cold shower, but I’ll leave you alone on that one.

What's your relationship to snoozing? Do you have complementary advices for snoozers, if so please share it with us in the comment section, the more the merrier! 

Noémi F.