5 easy breakfast ideas for your gut-health

I am no nutritionist but if you know me, you'll know that healthy eating has been one (of my many) life obsessions. I also like to be very efficient with my time. If I can buy, open, pour, mix and match and eat healthy, I say Amen. So as some of you have asked, I put together some of my ultimate easy n' fast healthy breakfast ideas to help you start your 9 to 9 in the best possible way. Now, last Easter I was told by my doctor to adopt a FODMAP diet as much as I could, and that means restricting any sugar, starch, gluten, dairy, legumes, acid, gas, fun foods. The glam' life some may say. The ideas below do reflect my diet, but trust me you'll thank me for it and get yourself a happy flat tummy. We also know that gut health is skin health and mind health - so if you’ve been living with inflammation, this could be for you.

Oh- and if you belong to the tribe of no- breakfast eaters, fear not, there is an option for you at the end.  

Few rules to keep in mind when it comes to healthy foods and breakfast:

  • Eating one is key. After 8 (hopefully) hours of fasting, your body needs fuel. And if it isn't with some controlled breakfast goodness, you'll give in to snacking or double lunching, and that mama ain't good news.

  • Fruit yogurts, full stacked smoothies, apples, bananas, granolas, muesli, dry fruits and protein bars are misconceived friends. They contain as much sugar as a Mars bar, they will raise your insulin to the max, drive you to that '11am wall' and ask for more food, more calories, more fat storage. That my nutritionist told me, and my experience proved her right.

I'm not including recipes per se because I never follow any. I always have a pretty good idea of what I'd like it to look and taste like and with a good dose of French gut feeling (*pun intended), I do get by. If you prefer to be more prescriptive, I'm sure Google will do wonders. So here are some low fodmap breakfasts ideas.

#1 Easy avo toast


Needless to say that mine will be an avo-no-toast or on gluten free bread or smashed on a thin rice cracker if I feel fancy. But if your body can take it, a good old rustic rye bread shall do wonders. Just crush half (not a whole, I see ya comin') avocado on your toasted bread, squeeze a tiny bit of lime, lemon or orange, whatever zesty tangy thing your fridge may contain; pepper, salt and a hint of chilli or paprika. Drink a hot lemon potion, a green tea or a long espresso et Madame est servie.

#2 Easy chia pudding


This one is my magic trick. If done properly, it contains no sugar, no starch, no gluten and no dairy. Boom. Win. Yes you do have to prepare it the night before, BUT it means you can prepare up to 5 at the time and have your weekdays covered at once. Who's smart now? So prefer a coconut, almond, soy or rice milk base (in that order for the healthiest option) and just chuck and twirl some chia seeds in and let it be. Over night, the mixture will transform into gooey deliciousness. In the morning simply add some clean fruits (berries and kiwis are the best low fodmap options for me) . try to avoid banana.

#3 Easy veggie eggs


That one is super easy. Hot pan with a drop of coconut oil, gently roast some of your veggies leftovers (baby spinach, tomatoes and zucchinis being the nicest options for breakfast.) You might want to crumble some lactose free feta cheese into the mix, then literally break 2 eggs into the pan but only keep one yoke, mush-mush the whole thing with a spatula, 3min and we. areee. done. Try not to add any carbs with it and rely on the fats to sustain energy.

#4 Easy coconut parfait


Another easy, affordable FODMAP option for a flat happy tummy. Buy coconut milk yogurts, add some chia seeds, broken almonds, a couple of pumpkin seeds, toasted coconut flakes and berries if you want. Done. Who said healthy had to be complicated?

#5 Easy power juice


A lot of my friends have told me times and times again, that they'd love to include breakfast into their routine, but the mere thought of swallowing food at 7am was just putting them off. So here is an idea you can sip on. Start with a fruit base, again avoid banana, apples and dates and any highly sugary fruits. Berries, kiwis and oranges are your friends. Add some spinach or kale and cucumber for fibres, some chia and pumpkin seeds, a couple of nuts (prefer pecans, almonds and Brazilian ones for the least sugary options. Cashews are deadly sweet, avoid.) and some vegan protein powder if you need extra strength. Crush and blend for 2min et voilà. Fats, fibres, vitamins and proteins in one happy drink.

So what's your breakfast routine like mama? Keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Hit us in the comments section xx

Evodie F.