Hairstyles to glam up your workout

Our 9to9 resolution for this new year is « Love Yourself, Love your Body » and part of this new mantra is learning to appreciate, to enjoy the way you that you look. Sometimes my lack of motivation, my poor self image interfere with my health and training routine. I just don’t feel like putting myself out there, out in this gym, with others. Quite frankly. But I find that when I’m able to create a style that feels good and looks the part as I am heading to the gym, the motivation often comes back.

Hair was always an issue of mine. I’d never find a suitable hairstyle, one which I’d feel completely comfortable with. At the gym, I would always end up with sweaty hair all over my face or a threatening loose ponytail stopping me from focusing on these damn jumping jacks.

So this year, I thought I’d give myself a tap on the back, thank myself for going the distance and putting the efforts in. And I’d fix my hair.

So here you go: my solution to an evergreen issue. I give you my top messy-cardio-proof hairdos to glam up these workouts of yours!

#1:The braid

Now a go-to hairstyle, the braid is very convenient for all sorts of workouts, especially cardio! It’s chic, easy and jumping proof. Bonus points, the braid comes in more than one boring option!


- Lara Croft braid Why? I’ve always been in awe watching Lara’s amazing braided hair, the way it swings flawlessly from right to left, the way her hair is always impeccable.

You may bind your hair high or low for two different stylish looks:

- The boxer braid Why? It's very stylish and gives you a nice and feminine boxer look! Just remember though- as a cautionary memo, this particular look will look like a BrandyMelville/ Forever 21 gal outside the gym.

You can also have the bun version if the long braids are bothering you:

#2:The Bun

Why? You want to keep your hands free during workout class and you don’t want to brush your bangs out of your face every two minutes. Plus it’s very easy to master.

If you don’t want your tiny hair to tickle the back of your neck, you can also do the braid version.



Why? It’s handy and add a fashion touch to your outfit: double-banded, sporty, cute or sparkly, you’ll find your hair-do soulmate!


When it comes to short hair you want to keep tiny thin hair out of the way. Same as long hair, few techniques might do the trick. From side braids, to thick headband or half bun, there is one for all. One good trick is to use water or hair spray if you have some to create a tucked in, sleek finish.

Do you have a go-to hairstyle for the gym? Hit us in the comment section, the more the merrier!

Noémi F.