The 10 French beauty hacks real French girls use


We've all heard about the French "je ne sais quoi". We 've all heard about the Parisian effortless chic. We've all heard that French women never use hair brushes. We've all already heard that French women wear perfume like there is no tomorrow. Yes, we've all heard a lot of things. We get it: La Parisienne is a trending brand. And as good as it feels to be the it thing, it's also so pretty damn annoying to read all that cliché nonsense about the so called French Beauty Secrets, which let me tell you my friends, are no longer secrets- if they ever were. So now is the time to cut the crap and give credit where credit is due: French Beauty Haaaaacks. We mean the real affordable products that you can find in supermarkets and pharmacies alike, and that the actual French girls next door use.

#1: Cleanser

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter

I remember the day I used this product for the first time. The fragrance was just amazing and it left my skin smooth and soft thanks to its cream texture. It really does a good job at removing make-up and pollution away, and it does clean pores thoroughly. My dry skin is very thankful. 

#2: Tonic

Christian Renart Eau de Bleuets

Great to remove makeup on your eyes, or to use instead of the old cucumbers myth - this is super nice as a fresh compress. The smell is an acquired taste but the freshness of it will make you come back for more. Trust us. Bets found in Monoprix around Paris.

#3: Moisturizing cream

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré

This aloe and shea butter face cream has really become a kind of a must-have product in your French skincare toolbox. What is so great about Embryolisse is that you can use is as a primer or make-up base when mixed with foundation or even with your concealer. It also works very well as a hydrating mask option when applied in a tick-layer (OR- we tell ya’ this thing is genius!) as a hand cream and cuticles essence. Not bad for 24+€ a tube.

#4: Sunscreen

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluid Ultra Light

I have always hated putting sunscreen on and especially on my face. Hello pimples, you get me right? My dermatologist convinced me to check out this one, and I must say, I haven't regretted taking that leap of faith. It's a non-greasy formula and its fluid texture helps instant absorption. It smells so good that it becomes a real pleasure to apply it on.  It is a non-comedogenic so you may use it daily. 

#5: Anti-aging mask

Ialuset Cream 100gr

I kind of felt like Christopher Columbus when I discovered the second use of my healing cream. Originally a medical device enriched with hyaluronic acid for burns and scars, Ialuset cream became an overnight success and the the best anti-aging cream and mask ever. I mean: ever. You can get ialuset cream in any French pharmacy for a price that will make your jaw drop - forget Dior, forget Estee Lauder and treat yourself to the cheapest yet most effective cream ever! So you might ask, how to use ialuset creme? Well, whenever I have had a rough day or or a night out and that I know my face will be all grim, grey and puffy in the morning, I apply the cream all over my face and leave it on for the night. Ialuset is also known as one of the best French pharma eye cream. It tightens like crazy! Everytime I use it, I usually wake up feeling a million bucks. Well - at least my skin does.

#6: Shampoo

Klorane shampoo with Oat Milk

best shampoo from french pharmacie

Ok let's be honest on this one and cut the crap: not using a hairbrush is not actually sexy, it's filthy. If French women don't do anything to their hair it's mostly because we have no clue how to style it, so it often ends up down or up in a quick bun. Then it's probably because we have better things to do than spending hours watching fishtail braids tutorials. And ok - maybe because we've always been told that less is always more ma chérie.
Now back to shampoo, and it's actually real important. I've never figured out what was the actual deal with my hair. I was pretty confident in my self-diagnosed dry hair condition that I kept using ultra rich formulas like shea butter or coconut oil stuff, and would then always end up with something greasy and flat. Terrible. The reason why my hair was bad was because I had never understood what my hair type was and asked for the wrong products to end up with the right result. And then came Klorane. I've discovered this shampoo through my grand-mother and been using it religiously for 5 years. Life changing people. If you have no time to wash your hair in the morning, if you don't like to wash your hair too often or if you just want to add a little extra volume, you should use the dry shampoo with Oat Milk. Or combine both for daily/ bi-weekly use and prep for a night out! Truth be told, each Klorane shampoo is actually perfect. The smell, the old fashion design of the bottle, the fluidly texture... just pick the one that suits your hair right !

#7: Shower Cream

Le Petit Marseillais Verbena and Lemon

My childhood in a bottle. Uberly cheap, uberly sunny, uberly simple, uberly French.

#8: Body Care

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

The smell? A gift of God to feel summer through the year. The use? Mix it with your moisturizer for an extra glow; smother your legs after a good shave; use it on your hair ends; great on scars, pimples, eyelids... just stop me now.

#9: Lip care

Labello Classic Care

Not much to say unless that it is the beeeest of the most basic product in the world. If you feel fancy you may also use Labello Strawberry Shine for hydrated pinky lips. High-school and fashion editors' all time favourites. You will spot it in every French girl's bag.

#10: Eau de Toilette

Biolane Eau de Toilette  Fraîcheur

I hope you get the irony of this suggestion but I always like to put a little bit of the eau de toilette after a hot shower.

Now you may be French too, or just a passionate beauty girl that uses a tone of French stuff, so please hit us in the section comments with your personal top hacks, the more the merrier !

Noémi F.