Fall in love with your life. Not hers.

Do you ever wonder what 'her' life would feel like? Her beautifully curated Instagram life? Her travels? Her relationship? Her body?

When did we start longing for someone else’s reality?

why do we stalk on instagram

We too often fall into the Instagram trap of looking at another woman´s life and longing for an escapism.

And so we go on, and scroll, and suffocate by fabulousness and literally judge the book by its feed. We idealize and we project our own anxieties. We try to fill ourselves with unrealistic real-life content and we brew resentment.

We extrapolate and imagine and envy a reality that we don’t know, often to escape our very own. What we do know however - is that our now, our life is OUR reality. And with everyday comes a blessing. It being health, friendships, the security of a job, hobbies that we enjoy or a family that supports us unconditionally. These are realities worth waking-up to, nurturing and loving.

So I can only encourage you to let go of the scroll. Let go of the envy, the suffocating anxiety that comparison triggers and embrace your reality, your life. And fall in love with the gems - even so tiny as they might be- that create your existence. Life happens now.

So let's not fall into the trap of wishing we were someone else or judging someone else. You have you and a full canvas of dreams to paint on.

Cherish your life.

Not ´hers´.

EF x