I have got news for you!

I honestly started to despair this post would ever come to life. I imagined it, dreamt it and waited for it. Now it is here. Last week, I received the news: I got a new job! And I am so happy! Your support was overwhelming, so it is only natural that I would share this with you.

And if anything, we both now know we are irreversibly there for each other.

These months were some of the hardest I got to experience. The intensity of self-doubt and questioning left me restless. Hopeless. And it is only now, with the perspective of these last days, with the joy of being on the other side of the tunnel, that I do realise what a special time these months were. I painted 5 pieces, read 8 books, went to more than 15 interviews, met incredible people and considerably enlarged my network. I hosted friends and family. I walked, trained, cooked, slept, wrote, bettered my Norwegian. I even drafted a business plan for a future venture. But more importantly, I allowed myself to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and met some incredible girls, who have now become part of my Oslo reality and life here. And above all, I have seen first hand what being loved in my lows, in my flaws, in my fears truly meant. I have been held, hugged, kissed when I most needed it, when all I felt like was giving it all up. My love has been the greatest comfort and partner I could have ever wished for myself. And if anything, we both now know we are more than solid, and irreversibly there for each other.

evodie fleury

I have learnt that my worth is in who I am, in the way that I treat others and treat myself. Not in what I do for a living. I have taken the time to live after years of intense working and travelling. I have paused and questioned myself at a time where I probably needed it the most. And I feel richer for it. Fuller of life, fuller of experiences.

And it took me some time to realise, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

But if you are still in the midst of your crisis - regardless of what it is; if you feel that your plans and hopes of what your life ought have to be are now shattered; I want to tell you that yes, what they say is true. Things do figure themselves out. There will be an opening, a breakthrough. What matters is who you surround yourself with, and the legacy you are leaving in the meantime. Not to others, but to yourself. Will you decide to learn and become stronger and carry through experiences in your next adventures, or will you despair and waste essential learnings? Are you truly being the version of who you want to be? Are you carving times for dreaming and thinking? Of course it is scary and lonely and alienating and sad and embarrassing. Learning doesn´t give you a job nor a child nor a partner. But it is LIFE. It is literally what life is. This time isn´t a pause. It isn´t a mistake. And it took me some time to realise, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I am planning to write on how to handle being made redundant, how to deal with last round interview rejection, interview prepping, lunch interviews, outfits and developing your network. Trust me these months have taught me a lot! So stay tuned! And if there is any advice, or particular topic you would want to read related to this experience, just shout!

Truly yours.

EF x