9to9 Kitchen: French crepes revisited

As you may know, 9to9Daily is now taking onboard contributors, adding new passions and areas of expertise to share with you! Emails have flown, and I am so pleased to give 9to9Daily a breath of fresh air and newly baked content. So to kick us off and introduce Food (!!!), meet Agathe, a dear friend of mine growing-up in Orleans and our first Parisian years.

She best describe herself as:

Member of the OCD lifestyle society, I am a wife with shameless expensive taste and a 24/7 happy kid owner. Unconditional rock lover and regular bathroom singer, I am also an excessive macarons enthusiast, an inherent tea addict and a cancer survivor.  



165g of flour
40g of sugar
4 eggs
50cl of milk
35g of coconut oil
zests from 1 orange
4/5 coffee spoon of Cointreau (or rhum)
(Grated coconut)


1 - Mix the sugar and the eggs. Add the zests, the coconut oil and the flour progressively. Finish by pouring the milk. Whip carefully. Add the Cointreau or the rhum. I love to add some grated coconut, makes the crêpes soooo gourmandes and so delicious to eat without adding anything on top.
2 - Cook ladle by ladle on a frying pan.