The gentle detox to restore your body and mind

Oh oh oh! It wasn't only presents that Santa generously dropped-off this Christmas, along came lovely extra kgs on the scale, tired and puffy skin and overall blah energy levels. This first week of 2018 has felt like trying to black out from the amount of champagne, wine, cheese, bread, chocolates, puddings of all shapes and general lack of exercise this Holiday contained. Pure delicious indulgence. And believe me, after our French break I would know what indulgence mean.

This month is the month of feeling restored and fresh again. Detoxified. Fresh liver, clear skin, active body and peaceful mind. So, now that a week has gone by, that our #newyearnewme naive resolutions are soon to be dead, let's make room for some actual life-long detox habits to start manifesting health this year. Here’re few tips to detoxify and cleanse our body to help recover from the excess! Clear your body of fat and toxins and feel balanced again.

#1 What to drink?

We cannot stress it enough, water is the key. Read more on how water breaks the fat storage process here. In any case drink around 1,5L to 2L of water during the day.

- Cut the booze

Well starting with a dry January is probably the healthiest start you could give yourself. Break the habit and reenergise your liver, find new ways to occupy your social time with personal passions, go to the movies, read more, reconnect with yourself and create!

- Lemon juice

Lemon is the first ingredient to stimulate and regenerate your liver. In the morning while still fasting, mix lemon juice with warm water.

- Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit is full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and natural acids. It helps your organism to get rid of the fats. Cheers!

- Green tea

Green tea is great to evacuate the accumultated toxines and the fats. You can drink one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

- Artichoke herbal tea

Great for your stomach and digestive system, it also repairs the liver thanks to its concentration of folate, vitamins A, B1 and C, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and dietary fiber. In a cup, put 2 artichoke leaves tea spoon in boiling water. Let it brew for ten minutes. You can drink a cup three times a day preferably before meals.


#2 What to eat?

- Any organic fruits or vegetables

Raw or cooked at low temperature to keep all the nutrients. Choose organic products to keep out pesticides of your system and that harder for your organism to eliminate after an intensive indulging period.

- Garlic

Garlic is made of nutrient helping eliminate toxins.

-Avocado and beetroot

Even though avocado is very rich it has a purifying and detoxifying effect which helps your organism to regenerate.

- Broccoli, green cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower

Those vegetable helps to detoxify the toxines.

- Turmeric and cinnamon

Add them in your preparations for a boost of energy and cleansing effect.

- Miso soup

Excellent to restore your gut, it is full of probiotics and includes tones of Copper, Manganese and Vitamin K.

In order to complete our detox, you may want to support your organism with some nice probiotics, MSM and active charcoal to help it recover and rest better. Essential oils are also detox ally to boost your immune system and your energy!

But above all, detox your mind. Helping your body with the right fuel is essential, but try to start moving, to start energising and manifesting a healthier lifestyle. Take the time to read and ditch your phone more often, start meditating, join some new fitness classes or start a new hobby. Detox means more than dieting. It is the cleansing and restoration of the mind too. Happy mind, happy body, happy you!

What are your favorite detox combo? Hint us in the comment section, the more the merrier! 

Noémi F.