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How to start practising self-care

Self-care breeds self-love which breeds self-confidence. It all starts with taking the time for yourself to do the things that make you feel good. So stop listening to the noise of the world that tell you who You should like, follow and aspire to be. Care for yourself.

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Start a 5 items gratitude list tomorrow morning

I started a personal practice of writing down, or even calling out loud sometimes 5 things that I am grateful for. Think of it as 1 shower = 1 list! Each morning. And boy, it has started to make a change! When we start looking at life through a more grateful, gentle lens, things do shift.

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This year I will love my body

I have a pretty intimate relationship with body negativity. My resolution this year is to stop being harsh and instead start treating my body in the way I am loved and love the most precious person in my life. From a gentle place of honouring, with kindness, forgiveness and amazement. After years of eating disorder, join me in my experience of body positivity.

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