Jump-start to a bridal beauty routine

And we are back! Fresh from a lovely, (self-proclaimed) well-deserved summer break! A lot has happened which has kept me busy and away from 9to9. This has a lot to do with the preparations of our wedding next July. Given that it will be in France, a lot of technical planning had come into play rather earlier than later. But as most of it is now either organized or booked, I am left with the more creative – fun bits of the job (which I looove) and my bridal prep.

As I have a little over 10 months ahead of me, I told myself that I had all the time in the world to truly enjoy months of pampering and prepping my body. Everyone will have a different idea of what they want to look like and feel like on their wedding day. Some will care more than others, and goals or no goals – this is personal preferences. And where a wedding day definitely is not a mean in itself, it can feel like a nice destination for a new mind and body journey!

For me – having dreamt of this day for the most part of my 20s – I always dreamt of plump skin, toned body and relaxed mind (which let’s be clear might be the hardest part of the job!).

So I thought I’d list a quick items that I have researched and started incorporating in my routine:

A new plumping serum

I wanted to treat my face, nourish my skin and fill the small lines this birthday has brought me. True to myself, I picked yet another of the best French pharma serums there are. Meet Avene PhysioLift Serum. This baby is filled with hyaluronic acid, smells outrageously divine and feels light on the skin.

best french serum avene

Dry brushing

I used to find dry brushing painful, but Jessica really convinced me of all the benefits it brings to the body: dead cells exfoliating and promoting lymph drainage. So I gave it another go. I am trying to do this at least three times a week, and will gradually increase it to once a day as the months go by. Start from the feet up, brushing towards your heart. Best waking call in the morning before a long soothing shower! And make sure to moisturize!

A gel base eye cream

I wanted a gentle lift effect, and for the thin skin around my eyes to look less dull and a bit tighter. I discovered Life Plankton by Biotherm, and this is really doing the job!


A deep moisture hair mask ally

I have found lately that my hair is thinning. Sad truth. Even though I consciously decided to stop colouring it last year; years of bleaching and straightening has left it a ‘tat’ vulnerable. So whilst, I am having visions of a healthy, thick mane of hair turned up in a pretty round bun; I need to start caring for it and helping it heal. So I invested in this little beauty Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture Masque (smells divine, and the texture is just the right balance of crème and gel). Three times a week suffice (that’s how not often I wash my hair – natural grease moisture, you get me 😉). I towel dry my hair, split it in strands and cream the edges, smoothing it all up in a high-bun and letting the concoction rest for five minutes or more (depending on how much scrubbing and shaving there are to be done!)

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture Masque review

Ramping up on vitamins B, C, Zink and Magnesium

Pretty much for the same reason – Vitamin B and Biotin specifically have been quoted for helping hair growth and overall health. I am giving it a try!*

Eating low fodmap

As you know I was diagnosed with IBS and a low fodmap regime is pretty much the only thing that is helping with my symptoms and overall inflammation. So – as difficult as it can sometimes get, I am trying as much as I can to cut out gluten, dairy and sugars and other foods that trigger inflammation and instead focus on the ones that make me feel good and energized. It is work in progress – but my belly and skin do feel happier for it!

Watching portions and listening to my body

I’d be lying if I said that somewhere in the back of my mind I wasn’t hoping to shave off a couple of kilos before the big day. Nothing drastic. The last thing I want (especially for my mental health) is to fall into the diet mindset. So I am starting to be more mindful of my portions – cutting my portions a little, cutting on re-servings and avoiding snacking. If you tune in with your body and pay more attention to its needs – you generally find that it wants less than more.

Meditation and journaling

More than a golden, toned body and flawless skin – I am working on improving my mental health. Meditation has been truly restorative for my anxiety and this is something im including in my daily – if not weekly practices towards the big day. Quiet mind, happier self! I have been using Headspace, and highly recommend it as a nice entry door into the world of mindfulness.

Adopting my new signature scent

I love perfumes. I just do, and always had this fantasy of a signature fragrance. The one that would be mine, and mine only, and feel deeply personal. This summer I discovered Luna from Penhaligon and fell in love. This will be my bridal scent, and I am just loving getting to familiarize myself its scent. Pure countdown pleasure!

luna penhaligon review

Targeted exercising schedule

I exercise daily – no surprise – but I have decided for these next ten months to be a little smarter about it. I want to have fun, challenge my body and really target the zones i’m trying to tone instead of exercising aimlessly. This Instagram account has helped me put together a couple of routines, specifically for legs, bum and abs. I can only recommend!

I would love to hear for former and future brides on what helped you prep towards your big day! So drop us a line in the comments.

EF xx

* (I am no medical expert please refer to your GP)