9to9 Girls: meet Stine, co-founder of DR.ANKERSTERJNE

And we are back with a bang this week! Meet Stine, 37, Doctor, co-Founder of the Norwegian and eponymous brand DR.ANKERSTERJNE (that’s with her husband Andre. I love a founder couple!) and she is also a mummy of a baby girl. The brand just launched here in Oslo, and as I am passionate about businesses and entrepreneurs with a mission, and a massive skincare lover always in the pursuit of finding new nuggets: I couldn’t wait to get some of Stine’s time and deep dive into her story! I am fascinated by Female entrepreneurs and always love deep diving into the story behind the brand, behind the idea; the personality and mindset behind the business. I (not so) selfishly wanted to learn and be inspired and gosh I know you will be too ladies! I am always in awe of women and their ability to juggle so many things gracefully and passionately, and Stine is a clear example of that, a true #9to9girls at heart. Check her interview!

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Where can we find you on Instagram?


At 9to9, we love side hustles and entrepreneurs. Tell us a little bit about yours!

This autumn my husband and I have launch DR.ANKERSTJERNE, our very own brand for advanced skincare. We are both medical doctors and it has been a long-timed dream for us to build and create a brand of our own. We are super geeky when it comes to skincare and DR.ANKERSTJERNE is created as a result of our curiosity for the biological processes that lead skin aging. The last 3 years we have been developing and perfectioning our products, so that they could meet our high expectations and standards before presenting them to the world. The result is a luxury brand of innovative skincare with focus on anti-age and anti-pollution, where we combine the best from nature with new thinking science. Our first four products launched this October. In addition we have an anti-age + anti-pollution day cream with UVA + UVB filter and high SPF coming up in the Spring.

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We want to change the common belief that you need a complicated skincare system with a large number of products to see effect on your skin. Our vision is to simplify advanced skincare, by increasing actual effectiveness in each product and reducing the number of products needed. We want to make advanced skincare understandable and easy to use. Because of this only a few products are needed to see effect. Accualty we have studies on our anti-age products that show that you can achieve very good results when using only a single one of our products. The reason is that each product contains a perfect cocktail of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and other active working wonders, that all together do improve, protect and strengthen the skin.

How did it start and how did it develop from there?

We are just at the start of our adventure. Our ambitions are super high, but we take one step at the time. The most important thing for us is to maintain our very high standards throughout all products and brand; and that we are having fun while reaching for our goals.

Your ambition for the next 6 months?

We have had a super start launching DR.ANKERSTJERNE. Our plans for the next 6 months is to continue to build and promote our brand.


Tell us about the most decisive career decision you made and that shaped the way your life is now?

The most life changing career decision was to follow my dream and start building our company. Nobody expected that. I am doctor specialist, I went to medical school for 6 years, then 1 year of internship and then 5 years of specialisation. Most people have a very fixed idea of what a doctor does for a living. The fact that I want to use my knowledge to develop skincare products surprises a lot of people. I don't fit into people's expectations of what a doctor should be, but I fit into my expectations of what I want to do.

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

I don't know. I think that I was a pretty cool 23 year old :) I had so much fun. But I love getting older. I love that I have more experience than I had when I was 23.

We love positivity. What is the thing you love most about yourself?

I rest in myself, and I really relax in my way of life and in the choices I make. I don't have the urge to be or do as everyone else. I'm very good at seeing the positive in a situation and laugh a lot.

The qualities you appreciate the most in a woman?

Honesty. Wishing the best for others and being happy for other people success.

What holds you back in life?

Too little sleep, and low blood sugar. I`m a fast diggester:) I can’t function if I don't get my beauty sleep and food.

How do you handle setbacks or failures?

When things don't come my way I try to see other solutions and figure out a way I can turn a mistake or a failure into a win. By changing perspective, a failure can sometimes end up becoming a super idea and even better than what I had planned for in the first place.

Do you celebrate successes?

Yes! I think that it is very important to celebrate! Andre and I are very good at celebrating both our achievements but also our everyday life. Celebrating can be so many things. Sometimes we celebrate in a big way with a lot of sparkle, and other times we celebrate in a small way just by having a quiet evening at home.

Fate or destiny? What do you believe in?

Sometimes thing are just meant to be, but most of the time I believe that you make your own success and build your own destiny.

Does any type of 'spirituality' play a part in your life?

I often feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world, and I'm very thankful for all the good in my life.

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

Right now my bag is a baby stroller since we have a 4 month old baby girl. She is the cutest ever and I always bring her along for meetings. So my bag is packed with baby stuff, but also my everyday essentials: Our superfood multipurpose gel, lipstick and lip balm, energy bars, nuts or other small eats, phone, camera for taking Instagram and baby pictures.

What is women empowerment to you?

Not letting your life be dictated by what other people expect of you. Reaching for your goals whatever they may be, and without letting the fear of failure stopping you.

3 women who have marked your life and why.

My mother. She taught me that I can do and be anything I want to be, and to believe in myself.

My grandmother. She was the most loving and kindest person you could dream off.

Petter Stordalen. I know that he is not a woman, but I just love his energy and confidence, he is so anti-jantelov and I love it!

How do you create your personal chamber?

I sneak out of bed very early in the morning on weekends, so that I can have a quiet morning to myself before Andre and the baby wake up. Or I go for a run. Running gives me head-space and gets my creativity flowing.

Do you believe in daily routines? Do you have any?

I'm a super A-type person, so I like early mornings and I'm a big fan of early bedtime in the evenings. Other than that, I love that my days don't ever look the same, and that I can work from anywhere.

1 meal left ever. what would it be?

I would have a big danish lunch buffet with all my loved ones. We would have danish smørrebrød with Andres homemade rugbrød, elderflower lemonade, coffee and lots of chocolate cake.

1 podcast or book you'd recommend?

Right now I dont have the time unfortunately!

Interview by EF x