9to9 Girls: meet Hatti

9to9 Girls is a new section and short portraits of strong and creative women who have all, in their own rights and on their own terms defined what a successful life was to them.

I am so delighted to introduce you to my friend and art inspiration Hatti! Hatti and I became friends when I lived in Edinburgh- in a previous life. I found her spirit, kindness and buoyant beauty magnetic. She is a great listener, a hopeful dreamer and a true friend. Scottish beauty, Hatti is also an amazing artist, and her career is a real inspiration to me (do check her out!). Painter and designer of stunning colourful hand-finished art prints and textiles; her work can be found in the most stylish and posh homes across the UK and luxurious boutique hotels.

Now meet Hatti!

hatti pattisson

Where can we find you on Instagram?


What is the thing you love most about yourself?

Pursuing a career which nourishes me and being able to visualise!

What holds you back in life? 

Procrastination. Not being as organised as I would like to be. I’m just not naturally that organised but I am working on it. To do all the creative projects I have going on, and that I would like to do in the future requires routine and structure. But I now have had an old family friend on board with the business who is fab and has skills and strengths that I don’t. This helps me focus more on the areas that I love. Having that support is wonderful.   

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

Try to have a more defined routine, plan ahead and ask for help. I’ve always struggled with dyslexia, and so for years I found several aspects of my work so difficult and felt demoralised. But looking back, I can see I was trying to do too much at once and just needed to ask for help. 

I would also encourage my younger self to travel! “Pack your bags and go, but take a paint brush with you!” ha

´My life is successful because...´

#1 I have found love with someone who makes me laugh everyday and cherishes me despite my flaws. 

#2 Having the dearest of friends and a mad-and-loving family. 

#3 Pursuing a career which I would still to do even if I didn’t make a penny from it. Doing something I love, and not having to retire ever is wonderful. I want to be painting when I’m old and grey and batty! That may be a good recipe for some interesting work! 

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

Coco butter lip salve, sunnies, glasses, iPhone decorated with silly stickers, headphones, pen, notepad and my completely paint splattered, orange Hermès purse.

What did you dream to become growing up?

A singer, a dancer, a director, and off course an artist! On the way to school, and in most of my classes I would always be doodling away or playing-out different imaginary scenarios. It helped me get through some boring lessons although probably didn’t help with my concentration! I wanted to do something which I would have genuine euphoric moments throughout. I have always wanted to build something which expressed my own creative identity whilst feeding my soul and hopefully inspiring others with my creations along the way. 

What is women empowerment to you?

Being kind to yourself. Being patient and kind to those around you and following your heart. 

3 women who have marked your life and why.

My little Mumma whose determination to live through her illness and bring up her four children against the odds is a huge inspiration. I’m grateful for her honest and hard advices even when they can sometimes be difficult to hear. She believed in me and encouraged me to do what I loved from a young age.

My art teacher Donna Rae played a major role as she gave me the space to create freely throughout those impressionable school years. 

Both gave me the boost and confidence to start showing my work on a professional platform aged fifteen. I have so many incredible woman of all ages in my life. The love and support from these woman boost my soul everyday. 

How do you create your personal chamber?

I find moments. Like choosing to walk back throughout town or along the river after doing an art delivery. These are always great pockets of time to think where thoughts can flow without over analysing them, and when I can just be in the moment. It’s a great way of working out solutions for things going on at work or in my life generally. At the weekend Mike (soon to be husband) and I try to escape from the city to see friends and family. I’m craving more time in the countryside with fresh air, peace and birdsong. 

What is your self-care routine? 

Swim, sauna, walks usually with friends and oh yes, sleep! I definitely am trying to change habits and work out more as I definitely feel so much better when I do. The act of painting is something which gives me so much in return. It is as much my work than a way to invigorate and to rejuvenate myself. I feel something is missing if I go for long periods of time without painting. Guess it´s a good thing it is my job haha.

Interview by EF.

You can find more about Hatti Pattisson´s stunning work on her website.