9to9 Daily is changing. The 9to9 quest for wellness.

Rahhh it feels so good to be back.

If I’m honest I had lost my way with 9to9 -trying to keep going with its original agenda. Because the original me was no more. What I had set myself to create just did not feel aligned anymore with who I had become, and with where my heart was at.

When we launched in the late 2017 - career was my only goal, working and hustling was my way of life. And now, almost 2 years into the blog - so much have changed.


In the last year only, I went through another (and last for now) country move, experienced a traumatic career change that revealed a complicated relationship with anxiety. I got engaged to the man of my dreams and launched a business with him the following week. I met incredible women in Oslo and started to create a sisterhood for myself. I discovered that mind/body/spirit were inextricably linked, and that it was something I wanted to educate myself about more. I am still struggling with my gut health, and my journey with food and exercise is still finding new turns. I found a new passion for self-development podcasts and now meditate everyday. I love to feed myself with a great book every three weeks and i’m still an avid skincare junkie.

My life in Norway, the culture here and my relationship have grounded me. My ambition has changed. I don’t feel like I have to rush around anymore like an headless chicken. My ambition is for my life, my well-being, my health. A forever quest for deeper meaning. Simply put, it is a quest for wellness. I have slowed down, connected to others, myself and my environment in a more soulful way. And it feels me. It feels right.

evodie fleury 9to9 daily

So let’s reboot 9to9 slightly. 9to9 will still very much be dedicated to all of you hustling full lives from 9am to 9pm. It will still celebrate all you women wanting a rich life and searching for meaning.

I am more passionate than ever about women, about my conversations with women. Who they are, and what makes them who they are. Their passions and struggles. Their rich inner lives, their rituals, their dreams. So you can expect more portraits of inspirational 9to9 girls - just in a different format!

9to9 Daily will be seeing more mindfulness and meditation content, will gather more thoughts on goodness and slow-living. Sometimes it will review the books, articles and podcasts that have taught me invaluable lessons and that could enrich your journey too. It might well touched on my experience and trials with gut health and exercise; on my search for fantastic clean skincare hidden-gems. And will most likely speak about my experience as a natural and vegan scented candles business owner, trying to make a mark in the realm of sustainability and clean beauty.

This is our new quest together for more balance - no wait, for more wellness.

See you very soon xx