9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink, fashion designer

Meet Nina Jarebrink, the Swedish fashion designer behind the eponymous label Nina Jarebrink, founded in 2004. Her elegant dresses are found on celebrities and friends alike, they are glamourous yet approachable. I met Nina through HER and got immediately attracted to her laugh and good spirits, and I remember her being so welcoming and warm. I was curious to know what selfcare rituals it takes to be a successful fashion designer. So without further ado, here is 9to9 Selfcare with Nina Jarebrink. This interview is full of magical horses, kombucha and icy showers routines. Enjoy!

Credit: Veronica von Clemm

Credit: Veronica von Clemm

1. Selfcare = ?


2. Are rituals and routine important to you?

Definitely! First I love to be an early bird and take a morning run to catch the sunrise and watch the city come alive. Nothing is better than fresh air in the morning!

I then grab a quick green smoothie before jumping in the shower. I swear to the superfood supplements from Purasana in addition to good old ölgjaer: ) I’m addicted to the rush you get when switching from hot to cold and reverse. If it is summer time, I just end my shower with a session of ice-cold water to get the energy flowing. But if it’s the winter it’s even better, last winter I saved a big mountain of snow in one corner of my rooftop terrace. After each hot shower, I’d then run outside and roll in the snow and then repeat 3 times of each. It’s incredible how relaxed and calm this can make you feel, and at the same time you get all that energy flowing. That is my favorite routine of all times.

At night I normally take an evening walk to calm down after a day full of activities, do a facial before bed (I’m addicted to face masks hehe) and then I massage some Weleda lavender oil on my neck and take 3 deep breaths with folded hands to really get the lavender to work. It makes you sleep like a baby all night.

Must have products:

1. Weleda lavender oil

2. Kora organic turmeric mask

3. Emma.s overnight sleep mask

4. Dermalogica multivitamin mask

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3. What's your safe place?

  • Out in the woods, on my horse if I’m in Sweden, and on my bike or on skis in Norway.

  • A call with a good friend and get a good old fashioned "almost peed my panties" kind of laugh.

  • Down on a stinger to get total relaxation - first it hurts but then it’s simply wonderful :)

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4. What is your selfcare commitment to yourself?

Everyday to have 30 minutes when I do absolutely nothing at all and to be absolutely fine with that.

5. How defined are you by a mindful practice?

I do meditate.

I have this mindfulness app which is amazing, I do it everywhere, on the subway, while walking or laying on my stinger :) hehe I know it is strange, but it does actually work very well! I even have a stinger pillow :)

6. How would you describe your relationship to food?

I loooooveee food! Every time I’m eating one meal I’m planning for the next one! 24h a day is not enough for all the food I want to eat :) My latest addiction is Kombucha which is perfect for every occasion even for a party!

nina jarebrink interview

7. What relationship do you have with exercise and movement? 

I have been working out since I was a kid. Growing up I practiced tennis, slalom and horse riding at a professional level so I’m used to be in motion!

Right now, I’m very much into cycling and tennis during spring and summer; and cross-country skiing in winter which is like meditation in motion for me. I also had my own running team, team Jarebrink packed with amazing women.

Exercise for me means: good sleep, more relaxed, less pain in your body, a mind on level and more energy.

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8. Does the thought of losing control ever scare you?

Yes, I’m not a fan of not being in control hahahaha!

 9. 'Digital detox days' yay or nay?

Yes yes yes! I have even gone so far as buying a stone age kind of phone, a replica of the Nokia 9110 from older days, and this little baby gives me sweet harmony!

Every night when I leave the office I leave my smartphone there, and the same goes for weekends. This gives me total peace of mind. Social media is demanding a lot of attention, and I do try to minimize it as much as possible to work hours. So for example, if I’m going out I’m taking my camera with me instead and then I can post it when I’m back online. It is about enjoying the moment instead of being busy capturing it.

10. The podcast that makes life a little happier?

I don’t listen to podcasts :) I read books or listen to them.

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Interview by Evodie.