9to9 Selfcare with Astrid Dyson, Creative Consultant and Co-Founder at dyson.drager

Meet the very cool, funny and irreverent Astrid Dyson - Creative Consultant and Founder at dyson.drager a cross-Atlantic content and social media agency working out of New-York and Oslo. (Boy! Don’t we all want that life?!)

I loved her genuine - non-bs take on the answers, and I’m sure you will love it too! Her interview desperately made me want to head back to the big Apple - but her website and brilliant Instagram will transport you in no time.

Now time for some 9to9 Selfcare with Astrid.

Photo: Kari Øie

Photo: Kari Øie

Selfcare = ?

Selfcare = a great moisturizer

Are rituals and routine important to you?

Yes, but traveling back and forth - Oslo - New York - has kind of broken all of my routines. Now that I have got my work visa I´m ready to get my routines in order, because I believe that if you are a creative person, routines are good. Now I do Urban Zen at New York Loves Yoga every Sunday and I walk my dog in Central Park after work every day. For a feel-good routine, I use my ultimate favorite skin cream Chanel, Hydra Beauty Micro Crème, after washing my face in cold water with a cleanser from Dr. Ankerstjerne, a Norwegian skin care product called “WASH the day off”. The one thing I’m still working on now, are my food routines. Seamless is too tempting, so ask me about food in a year!

Photo: Kari Øie

Photo: Kari Øie

What's your safe place?

Central Park is my safe place. When I’m walking to Central Park with my dog, I get to clear out all thoughts and JUST focus on being present and looking around - at people, tourists, the trees, the squirrels. Not too much though, ‘cause I’m also trying not to step on my small dog or poop! I do also love lighting candles in the evenings, all year round. That makes me peaceful. My ultimate safe place though is my bed. Love sleeping! For energy, Soul Cycle or a run in Central Park is good. I often get great creative ideas when I run.

What is your selfcare commitment to yourself?

Get enough sleep. Sleep to me is extremely valuable.

How defined are you by a mindful practice?

I’m not very mindful. I’m a thinker, I don’t want to use the word «over» thinker, because that makes it all negative. I probably should practice more mindfulness, but the whole pressure of mindfulness makes me “un-mindful”. I think people should try to be safe in their own bodies and not push themselves to meditate for several hours a day if they don’t want to do that. Either way, there different ways to become mindful. For example, a walk in the park - for me, Central Park – is mindful. Urban Zen Yoga is all about mindfulness - it’s an hour with different breathing techniques and positions.

Photo: Kari Øie

Photo: Kari Øie

How would you describe your relationship to food?

I love food, but at the same time I find it hard to find new things to eat multiple times a day - food is something I have to have every third-fourth hour! It may sound stupid, but sometimes I wish I could do something else than make myself another dish. I do also believe that chocolate is a very important ingredient for a happy life.

What relationship do you have with exercise and movement?

I am naturally very athletic. I ran a marathon in Cape Town without training. (Could not walk after, but… I made it!) I’m kind of spoiled when it comes to metabolism, but now, being 35, I notice that I have to treat myself and my body with regular exercise to keep up my shape and good health. Exercise and movement has always been important for me, as important as being lazy on the sofa.

Does the thought of losing control ever scare you?


'Digital detox days' yay or nay?


I work daily with social media in my company dyson.drager and I just love it. Having moved to New York also means that social media lets me keep in touch with my family and friends. My family and friends keep me happy and social media makes it easy to keep in touch.

The podcast that makes life a little happier?

I love the Norwegian podcasts Tusvik & Tønne (because they speak from their hearts and are very clever women), Aftenpodden (they discuss politics, what’s happening in the world) and Synnøve and Vanessa (they are great storytellers).

Thank you very much to Astrid for her time xx

Interview by Evodie