9to9 Girls: meet Yrja of the Power Ladies podcast

9to9 Girls is a collection of interviews with strong and creative women who have all, in their own rights and on their own terms defined what a successful life is to them.

Meet Yrja! The 29, Oslo born and hosting manager of the new and uber inspiring Norwegian podcast: Power Ladies. I attended her first Afterwork event at Hanna’s new vegan venture NOFO and thought our missions could not be more aligned! Yrja has started rallying a pretty fierce community of powerhouse women in Oslo, and I am very excited to have caught her in her busy schedule to learn more about her plans for Power Ladies and her inspiration in life.

Yrja Oftedahl

Where can we find you on Instagram?


At 9to9, we love entrepreneurs and their side-hustles. Tell us a little bit on how you got started!

Oh gosh… I had been dreaming about having my own Youtube channel and podcast for about 3 and a half years before I finally did start. The timing never felt right, and the concept of the show did not become clear to me until 6 months before I put it into action. I then found a production company and started booking my guests. As simple as that.

power ladies podcast host

Your ambition for the next 6 months?

I really want to start broadcasting the podcast on Facebook and Youtube. So hopefully within a few months, this will happen! Also hosting more learning-focused and inspirational events next to the Afterwork I already host- is on my list as I want to connect and build the community even further. All of my listeners are such great people, I just want everyone to meet each other and connect. I know so many women do not have a support network of great female friends that can enable them to believe in themselves and have confidence in their ideas. I would really like Power Ladies to be a meeting point where they can meet and tap into this. Finally, I also would love to collaborate with more companies and develop my brand even further, I have many plans.

We love positivity. So what is the thing you love most about yourself?

I love that I can be good at never stressing out. I love that I know how to prioritize my time, and give a F***. NO is my default mode, so I’m definitely not a YES person. I really do not want to be on anybody else’s agenda but my own. And also, I like that I can live by ‘being good enough is enough.’ Work hard but rest harder is my mantra. I believe that if you rest the brain, and carve in the time to become creative, this will be beneficial to your work.

What holds you back in life?

Fear of failure. Though I’m proud of myself for finally starting addressing that in my life. Because if I don’t dare to take risks, I’ll never end up where I want to be. The world needs more people doing what they truly want. My place and your place in this world matter, so just go pursue what it is that you want. Surround yourself with people that are happy, see yourself for who you are, and push yourself to fulfill your potential. This is how you’ll be able to conquer fear.

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

I’m not sure I would tell her anything. At 23, I wasn’t ready to do something myself- I think- even though I had been brewing the idea of creating my own Youtube channel for 3 years. But seriously, I don’t think it would have turned out to be successful then. I’m actually happy about how my life has turned out. I believe its course has taken me to where I am now, and it’s been such an important journey, that I wouldn’t change it.

Well actually. One thing just came to mind. I wish I had discovered San Francisco earlier in life, as I had been searching for a place and people to truly connect with since I was young. It’s when I went to San Francisco at 25, that I finally could relax and breath and feel I had arrived home.

My life is successful because…

Things just start to work out the way I always wanted them to. I get to express my creativity and do something I really enjoy and am good at professionally. I also have really good friends who inspire me and push me forward in life. My life is also successful because I am good at taking care of myself, and I really do not care much about what people think of me.

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

Just my keys and my phone. My card is also pretty often with me. Nothing else.

What did you dream to become growing up?

First a Math teacher, then a journalist. No one really told me that it would possible to be something else than a doctor, lawyer, journalist, teacher, police or firefighter. Being an entrepreneur and enjoying your job was just totally out of the picture. How crazy is that? One of the many things I missed at school was the encouragement and learning how to create things, and how to think critically and chase the life you want. Had I had been encouraged in this way, I would have started seeing opportunities and going after them much earlier.

What is women empowerment to you?

I think the Wikipedia’s explanation is pretty good: “Women's empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreates what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied”. I’d like to add to that the notion of a support network to achieve this. Without people inspiring you and showing your love and support along the way things can be really difficult.

the power ladies podcast med yrja

Name 3 women who have marked your life and why.

My mum. She is my best friend and has been with me and loving me deeply throughout my life.
My grandmother. She opened her home to me when I was 16 and ill and in need of another place to live, and because she cares about me no matter what I do.
My friend Maria. She was the first person I ever felt at home with.

I really had no female role models when I was younger, when I come to think of it now it is actually really sad but this shows so much.

How do you create your personal chamber?

I am good at saying no and having no plans. My time is precious and I only prioritize people and gatherings that energize and inspire me. I normally always do what I want to in the moment (when I’m not working).

What is your self-care routine?

Drink water, eat healthy, work-out and get enough sleep (though that last one is difficult). Besides the above, I take time to rest and do nothing.

What is on your bucket list?

  1. Attending Burning Man again (it was a mind blowing experience when I was there years ago. And I really want to go back!)

  2. Living in California.

If you only had 1 podcast to recommend, which one would it be?

The Tim Ferriss Show - my absolute favorite thing to listen to!

Thank you so much to Yrja for her honest and inspiring interview! If you understand Norwegian make sure to check-out Power Ladies the podcast. And if you don’t - well watch this space, as she is well on her way to conquer new spaces!