9to9 Selfcare with Camilla Bache-Mathiesen Environmentalist and Founder

Meet Camilla: environmentalist, dancer, founder, business owner and all-time beautiful soul! Camilla and I met last year. We had connected on Instagram as were part of similar groups in Oslo, and had planned to catch-up over coffee. I still remember walking to - what felt like a big-time date; and as the snow kept falling hard; I felt a little anxious - too self-conscious to appear put together, smart and prepared. And oh boy - what a meeting of minds and souls. We shared our love of dancing and traveling, the common traits of our men, our passion for women empowerment and for striving to make an impact in our respective communities. Camilla really moved me. I remember us parting, and feeling warm and fuzzy, knowing I had made a new friend. She is smart, stunning, inclusive and welcoming and has big dreams. Meet the beautiful in and out Camilla.

Where can we find you on Instagram?


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At 9to9, we love side hustles and entrepreneurs. Tell us a little bit about yours!

I´m very lucky be a co-owner and run a business with my sister and my mum. It´s a center for dance and personal growth that consist of 4studios with 34 hours of dance a week, a green café, a dance store, workshops, events and a stage for our students to perform and build confidence. Eldbjørg Academy is the name of our business, named after my mum who started it as a ballet school 54 years back. She’s still a large part of the business.

After living and working abroad in Brazil and USA I moved home 1,5 years ago and since then I’ve developed two new concepts in the business that are now up and running. I learned a whole lot from my experiences abroad and being able to implement some of that in this business has been very exciting.

I find it deeply meaningful to offer a sustainable, educational and inspirational arena for people, especially young ones, and that inspires me and give me energy to dedicate a lot of my free time to my side hustle.

I´ve lived in 3 different continents the last 7 years and even though my side hustles have changed from place to place; the red thread has always been animal welfare, human rights, nature and sustainability. Whether it was the blog I ran when I lived in the US, named Purpose and Pepper or raising awareness around sustainable food choices and food production through my event series Bites With a Purpose or working for animal shelters, with kids at community service centers or orphanages.

All these experiences have led me to where I am now and starting a concept named Grønnere Sammen (greener together), that aims to create community around the Sustainable Development Goal number 17. We have started out with a bang, arranging and co-hosting a climate and environment festival this summer, in my hometown, Moss. in Norway


We also love positivity. What is the thing you love most about yourself?

I like that you bring this question up. It’s interesting to think about oneself like that, and we should do so more often. I do love my courage to be open minded, vulnerable and to fight for what I believe in.

The qualities you appreciate the most in a woman?

Integrity, thoughtfulness and genuineness.

What holds you back in life?

Ambivalence and overthinking. I feel a lot and I am passionate about a lot but I often put to much into every single thing. I`ve become so much better at it the last 3 years, but still choosing between two quite similar things can take me more than a minute ;)

How do you handle setbacks or failures?

Again, I think appetence is key. I try to accept that not always succeeding is part of the process and to see it as experiences and not failures. Sometimes it works, but a few times here and there it doesn´t and I doubt myself. Then, it really work to have good “sponsors” around you, the people that pushes you and makes you believe in yourself. I also try to learn a lot from my failures and be honest with myself, because the way I see it, learning from it is the purpose of the failure. Making small adjustments, absorb more information and create a different outcome for the “next time”. I think the key is no never give up and accept the process if you want to live the life you dream of and I love how J.K. Rowling puts it, “ It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, you fail by default. “

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Selfcare = ?

I used to think the concept self-care was something selfish, something I did but never talked about. Now, many years later and with a holistic health coach title in my backpack my views has changed. Not only do I understand the personal value of it but also the role it plays for being able to exploit the potential within us and take care of others.

Time is always a matter but taking the time to just be, to breath and do exactly what your heart desires is self-care to me. I would say the ultimate place to do that for me is by the ocean. Breathing it, swimming in it, sailing on it- I love everything that blue mass does to my soul. I can breathe easier when I’m surrounded by sea, maybe not that strange since most of the oxygen in the atmosphere comes from the oceans.

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Are rituals and routine important to you?

I wish I could write about my energetic morning rituals here, because that would align with my bubbly personality, but truth be told «I don’t do mornings». The first 30 minutes of my day I don´t feel quite like myself and I just need a little time to tune in to life ;) I accept that I´m human and not perfect. That being said, mornings are the most beautiful and productive time of the day and I do love the feeling of being up early, just give me my caffeine shock first ;)

I’m much more of a spontaneous person that loves adventure, than a person with many routines outside of work, but I do have a few: I never go to bed without cleansing my face and brushing my teeth. I always light one candle right before bed time, every night. It´s for my dear father that passed away 3 years ago. I always need my to do list updated in the evening, to feel structured and calm. I can’t board a plane without my lucky trolls in my purse. Wait, is that more of a fun fact…? ;)

What's your safe place?

My safest place is within me. In the belief that I am good enough and that when it all comes down to it, what matters is that I am a good person that strive to do good.When life comes at me from every angle, I go to that place. That place or state of mind also reminds me that if he or she can, I can too. It makes me dare to be vulnerable and go my own way. I don’t always master to find that place and believe in it, but when I do, it is empowering.  

Outside my inner self, my husband is a safe harbor. It might sound cheesy, but he makes me feel safer, happier, more energized and more hungry for life than I´ve ever felt. It’s something about finding that person that understands who you really are and feeds that sparkle inside of you. And last but not least, spending time around a table with family and loved ones, music, dancing and the good conversations, makes my heart safe and happy.

What is your selfcare commitment to yourself?

Gratitude. To practice gratitude every day, even if the day was shitty, is something so powerful. When I practice gratitude I become increasingly aware the small things around me that gives me extra joy. My father taught me to see the beauty in the small things, and even though I´m a big adventurer and I like to dream big, the small and natural things add so much value to my life.

How defined are you by a mindful practice?

I practice mindfulness and my meditation is nature. If I haven’t been in the woods or by the sea for some days I move things in my schedule to make room for just 30 minutes of walking, breathing and/or sitting still taking it all in. I think that´s crucial to every human in this sometimes-overexposed world. I do love yoga and meditation classes but practicing acceptance, gratefulness and mindfulness in my everyday life is my best routine.

How would you describe your relationship to food?

I love food! And I try to remember that most of us do, even if we have two or four legs. That´s why it feels so much better when what ends up on my plate never had a beating heart, in the first place. I studied what I like to call primary nutrition for 3 years and it made me much more interested in what I do eat rather than what I shouldn’t eat. To fill your body with real organic food and focusing on enjoying it is more important than cutting out everything sugar and carbs, but eating mostly plants is something that benefits both planet, animals and myself so the recent years I’ve cut meat out of my diet almost 100%. I do eat some fish and shellfish and I don’t necessarily think we need labels, but I strongly believe we all need to heavily reduce our consumption and encourage others to do the same.

And your relationship with exercise and movement?

As a former dancer I used to exercise 5-7 hours a day, for many years. Moving my body has always played a big part in my life and I look at it as a large part of my secondary nutrition. Today I work out in a gym, I go blogging (running while picking up litter) and I never stop dancing. I strongly believe it’s crucial for our holistic health to move our bodies and I never feel happier than when I´m all sweaty after a workout. Do what you can do, with what you got!

'Digital detox days' yay or nay?

A big and loud YAAAAY! I think it’s completely necessary for all of us. I often wake up and feel stressed over to many DM´s to answer, notifications etc. It instantly gives me the feeling of hanging behind. We now know more about what social media does to our brain and I think it’s obvious that logging of regularly is essential for good health. That can be a challenge sometimes when you’re engaged in work, projects and initiatives, but I have my remedies. I almost never post anything while in the situation. I take pictures, but I rarely post them right there and then, because I want to live the moment. I wait until the moment, the visit or the experience is over and I have some time to myself. I also often turn off notification and decide a certain time of the day to check in and answer.

The podcast that makes life a little happier?

My number one podcast is Power Ladies. I settled in, back in Norway little over a year ago, after living abroad for many years and joining the Power ladies community of inspiring, hard working and supporting people has resulted in many empowering and meaningful connections and friendships. Every episode with Yrja and Power Ladies adds something positive to my life and nothing is better that being inspired by strong women.

Interview by EF.

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