9to9 Girls: meet Anine, Editor in Chief of Estér magazine

Meet Anine Netland, the 21 Norwegian, Founder and Editor in Chief of Estér Magazine that launched in December 2018. I am very excited to introduce to your this power house! I am always so happy and motivated by women joining forces, praising each other! 9to9 Daily always had in mind to connect women from different industries and different age groups. And where age becomes irrelevant at a certain point, I still find it personally interesting to put people into their own context as an encouragement to our younger readers, and as a hat down to our girl Anine! So without further due, check our new 9to9girl!

Where can we find you on Instagram?

You can find me on my personal Instagram account @aninenetland, and follow Ester @ester.magazine


At 9to9, we love side hustlers and entrepreneurs. Tell us a little bit about your business!

Estér is an online fashion- and lifestyle magazine, covering topics like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health and culture - all in a beautiful mix to create inspiring content for our lovely readers.

How did it start and how did it develop from there?

I’ve always been interested in especially fashion and beauty, reading Norwegian fashion magazines from a very young age, as well as my International favourites; Porter and Vogue. I remember telling my boyfriend in last August that I kinda had a dream of becoming an Editor-in-Chief of a fashion magazine, so I decided to start my own! Haha. I launched Estér Magazine on the 12th of December last year, after almost half a year of preparations. Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people, especially Adele Austrud, who is now a dear friend of mine and whom I call my «right hand» in everything to do with Estér. Without her enthusiasm, will-power and her faith in my vision for Estér since the very beginning - it would not have been where it is today!

Your ambition for the next 6 months?

My ambitions for the next six months for Estér is to continue to create inspiring content, get more contacts in the fashion industry and continue to build the Estér team.

Tell us about the most decisive career decision you made and that shaped the way your life is now?

Since I’m 21 year old, I haven’t really had that much time yet - I think my career is just at its starting point. Therefore, I would say that that the most important decision I’ve made so far is definitely that I chased my dream and launched my own magazine.

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

Hehe, this is a great question due to my age. I’d say «continue to chase after your dreams, work hard, be bold yet humble in the fashion industry, and never lose sight of what’s truly important in life».

We love positivity. What is the thing you love most about yourself?

This is such a good question, I love how you ask women to share what they love about themselves - it’s something that should be talked about more often! I love that I’m a fighter; I fight for those I love, for my dreams and for loving myself. Even when lies can make it difficult to hear the real truth.

The qualities you appreciate the most in a woman?

Her instinct to care for all those around her, and the ability to be sweet and strong at the same time.

What holds you back in life?

I’d like to think that nothing truly holds me back, but negative thoughts about myself can hold me back for a while - until I find the strength to push them away.

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

Always my lip balm from Burt’s Bees, several lipsticks in different pink and red shades, my wallet, ear plugs, hand-cream, keys, gum, sunglasses and maybe a magazine.


What is woman empowerment to you?

Women who support, love and build each other up! Women who are confident in their own skin and who don’t feel the need to compare themselves to others.

3 women who have marked your life

My wonderful mom - because she is the strongest, most caring, selfless and beautiful woman inside and out!

My grandma - for her constant love, care and support, and for always keeping her and grandpa’s house open to me when I need some rest out of town.

My two best friends, Henriette and Christina (so this makes 4 women, sorry!) - for always being there for me when I need to talk, no matter where we are in the world; for their constant support; for pushing me to become a better person and for endless hours of laughter and joy!


1 podcast you'd recommend?

I don’t listen that much to podcasts, but when I do it’s usually the «Journeywoman».

1 book?

My all-time favourite, the Bible.

One woman in the public eye who is nailing it right now?

Therese Johaug [9TO9: Norwegian athlete], for getting back up after being pushed down - and winning a gold medal in the Olympics. So amazing! What a strong and beautiful woman.

The best trend in business right now according to you?

I’d say the «let’s go for it»-vibe” I get from people, what do we have to lose?

Interview by Evodie F.

Editorial collaboration.