9to9 Selfcare with Anja Stang Founder of Green House

Meet Anja Stang, 43, journalist, public speaker and writer. Anja is also the brilliant founder of Green House, an online magazine dedicated to green food, clean beauty and sustainable living. (how perfect!)

So pick up a juice, make yourself a tea or light a candle - this very first edition of 9to9 Selfcare with… will leave you a little extra mindful and happier.

Credit: Maria Huseby

Credit: Maria Huseby

Selfcare = ?

To me, self care first of all means time. Time to relax without being disturbed, to adjust to a slower pace and be allowed to stay there a while. To listen to my heart and my body, and do something to ease my mind when it’s spinning with all the stuff I have to do.

Are rituals and routine important to you?

I love taking baths! Hot baths at home in winter and refreshing ocean swims during summer. I’m working up the courage to try outdoors swimming in winter too, ideally paired with a sauna, but am not there quite yet! Whenever I take a hot bath I take my time, fill it with natural oils and bubbles, have a hair mask or a glass of wine.

Yoga is also an important part of my life, and in trying times it really is a life saviour. Yoga provides mental balance - it keeps me sane, haha!

I’m not a vegan but I eat plant based food as often as I can. My favourite kind of breakfast is oatmeal with honey, cinnamon and nuts – and smoothie bowls. I’ve made smoothies to keep healthy and energetic since my student days, but I became completely hooked when I recently realized how much more fun they are with toppings like dried berries, seeds and almond butter. I also sneak in spinach and healthy fats. My boys love them, too - I feel like the best mum when they lick the bowl and ask for more!

One of the smoothie bowls I am hooked on making these days

One of the smoothie bowls I am hooked on making these days

What's your safe place?

Our home at Nesodden feels like a safe place, and I love to curl up in our pink velvet couch from the 70s! We also have a view of the ocean and I feel so lucky that I get to start and end each day by looking at it. I also have a favourite spot down by the sea at nearby Hellviktangen, a local paradise with little coves and yummy organic gourmet food. I have always loved being by the sea and the salty air makes me so happy.

One of our local beaches at Nesodden where I love to swim, sunbathe and reflect

One of our local beaches at Nesodden where I love to swim, sunbathe and reflect

What is your selfcare commitment to yourself?

I try to listen to my body and follow my heart as often as possible. I sometimes push myself too hard when it comes to both work and socializing as I get energy from both, but when I feel that my mind and body are trying to tell me that they're tired, I try to take a «soft» day at home, soak up some sun and eat healthy comfort food.

How defined are you by a mindful practice?

Quite, I would say. I practice yoga two or three times a week, meditate regularly and have recently started journaling. I have a healer who has done wonders for my mental health. I am very much into spirituality and always want to learn more, go deeper.

Three things I love: Sun, crystals and clean water

Three things I love: Sun, crystals and clean water

How would you describe your relationship to food?

I have always been a foodie! I love tastes, textures and in particular scrumptious desserts and cakes. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease six months ago, I was really shocked. I have probably had it for the larger part of my life, but I simply had no idea. Now I’m navigating this new path when it comes to food, try to enjoy all the good things that are naturally gluten free and not be too strict on myself. I haven’t eaten meat for 10 years, which was never a problem before, but now I suddenly feel like the worst guest with all my «don’ts"! Luckily, people haven’t stopped inviting me.

What relationship do you have with exercise and movement?

I love to be active, but have never been good at working out a lot. I prefer hiking, biking and swimming to working out in a gym and I am so fond of this little yoga studio at Nesodden, Flyt Studio, of which I’m also an ambassador.

Practising yoga at my favourite studio, Flyt Studio. Foto: Nina Klungsøyr

Practising yoga at my favourite studio, Flyt Studio. Foto: Nina Klungsøyr

Does the thought of losing control ever scare you?

Yes! I am quite the control freak, but I’m also aware that some things just can’t be controlled. And that is the beauty, really.

'Digital detox days' yay or nay?

Yay! I’m not good at it, but aspire to become better. For instance, I’m planning a digital detox during Easter. The last time I did it was during Christmas, so it’s about time. Holidays are great for putting away the phone a bit as people don’t expect quick replies then. I need to do it more often as I spend way too much time on Instagram. Social media normally doesn’t cause anxiety for me as I’m quite intent on not following accounts that make me feel inadequate and bad about myself. On instagram, I follow a lot of vegan foodies, sustainably stylish women and other inspiring profiles that spread good vibes.

The podcast that makes life a little happier?

It’s impossible to mention just one, but Super Soul Conversations, Power Ladies and Ingefær podcast are some of my go-to podcasts.

Find Anja on Instagram @anjastang and find some beautiful inspiration on self care and green living @green_house_by.

Interview by Evodie F x