The new role models: 4 women to look up to

I always wanted a role model and preferably someone I could identify with. A woman. Or more accurately, I wanted a roadmap to success. I had no big sister, no mother in business, no one really to guide me or share their journeys with me. And so I found myself- time and time again- Googling hopelessly looking to get inspired...

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I wanted specifics. Fast forward Instagram era, and I have now found 4 heroes. All in their respective fields, they have built empires – and not from Harvard business school, not in NYC and with a sense of integrity and authenticity that I longed for.

#1. The beauty queen: Emily Weiss, CEO and Founder of Into the Gloss and Glossier

Emily is behind the genius site Into the gloss, that takes you in the bathrooms of celebs, fashion peeps and Glossier fans to reveal their skincare routines and treat you with honest affordable beauty content. She is also the founder of Glossier – the girl next door skincare brand. I have been using their products for a year, and was lucky to visit their store in New York. The branding is on point and the products are just dewylicious.

Insta account: @emilywweiss

Why follow her? If you want to open a business; if you are into beauty; if you are curious to see the behind the scenes of a (cool woman) CEO’s life and pretty fashion content.

Where to find her? Insta! 

#2. The fashion queen: Anine Bing, Founder and Creative Director of Anine Bing

Anine is behind the super cool- LA based fashion label, named after herself. Her line mixes the best of basics with a hint or rock and roll – and always super chic and minimalistic (Copenhagen marries LA, kind of vibe).

Insta account: @aninebing

Why follow her? If you wondered about juggling motherhood and being the boss, if you wondered what it took to launch a fashion label, Anine takes you behind the scenes of her design studio and team meetings.

Where to find her? Follow her Insta stories and pin freely her inspiring style and interior pictures! Just go here:

#3. The wellness queen: Rachel Brathen (Yoga girl) aka serial entrepreneur

Rachel is the founder of (the hugely successful global online yoga studio), owner of Island Yoga in Aruba, writer, blogger, yogi, activist and now mother !

Insta account (join her 2.1M followers !) @yoga_girl

Why follow her? Yogi or not, you will love Rachel's honest content. Her podcast and her Insta stories just bring a lightness and mindfulness to my life. And beyond that inspiration, she also brings a real authentic look on entrepreneurship and the challenges that it brings. She also just had a baby and is very candid the struggle of finding balance between motherhood and career aspirations. She is 100% non-bullshit, very inspiring and her business tips don't get more real than that!

Where to find her? Suscribe to From the Heart on iTunes and get hooked! For an hour, Rachel covers a wide range of topic with selected professional guests on wellness and health but also touches on what it took her (and her husband) to create and now run their multiple businesses. Every Friday morning, my make-up and breakfast routine just got extra special. Get up or get cosy, you'll thank me for it!

#4. The media queen: Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller.

Where to start with Leandra? You will know her of course from her unmissable, never equalled outfits and utter NYC sass. I mean, she is the best. But Leandra has evolved from her early fashionista days to become a real media-content-generator platform queen and has even launched a retail line. The multi-medium platform is growing fast and covers topics of fashion and lifestyle in a very feminist, unapologetic and non-bs way. She is hilarious, endearing and brings a fresh perspective to what fashion and journalism have become. I like to turn to her for inspiration.

Insta account: @leandramcohen

Why follow her? Leandra has the most authentic, blunt, generous voice in the industry.  A real force in her field, she is also honest and vulnerable and doesn't shy away from sharing the struggles she has encountered in being a founder, an owner, a boss and a wife. She will remind you that to dream and to hope is never dead.

Where to find her? Her Insta is obviously a jewel of fun, clever and sassy content, but her posts on Man Repeller are real sharp pieces of journalism and will leave you pumped for your day ! Her podcast, Monocycle is a unique solo super short format that will equally boost your morning commute. 


Who are the women that you look up to ? Hit us in the section comments, the more the merrier !

Evodie F