My French pharmacy must buy

There is something about our approach to beauty and self care in France that is intrasinquely simple. Good products, fewer steps, less ingredients, affordable.

french pharmacies products to buy

I have lived in four countries, played a lot with style (and made some poor decisions) always adopted some local food habits and yet – when it came to my skincare routine, I never deviated from the simple and gentle basics and French pharmacy must haves transmitted by my mother and grandmother. My French pharmacy skincare routine is comforting and so affordable that I had to share. So here are 4 easy steps to a French beauty routine with some French pharmacy  is a quick list of the French pharmacy must haves to buy in France or online to try your hand at a French skincare routine.


 The king of French pharmacy products for sensitive skin is the Avène Cleanance cleansing gel. This French pharmacy cleanser has served me faithfully for the last 15 years and is the only one that cleans impurities without making my skin peel off. It is a fantastic product for sensitive skins and blemished prone skins. I always buy 2 very large bottles (that you can only buy in France) and this generally keep me equipped for the year. Use every morning and night. Works wonder as a gentle make-up remover too!

avene cleanance french pharmacies


Embryolisse concentré crèmeI have reviewed this wonderful product before and will do again. Still fairly unknown outside of France – and born from makeup artists bags, it is (to my French and very modest opinion) the BEST daily moisturizer you can find in French pharmacies. Lightly textured and yet creamy, lightly scented, deeply moisturizer and cooling on the skin, you will love it. I personally use Embryolisse lait-creme concentré right after the shower as a hydrating makeup base, when my pores are still open enough to absorb the texture and leave a glow on. It also works very well as sleep-in mask when applied thickly.

embryolisse concentré crème

Nuxe Super Baume Reparateur au Miel

Super Balm is like the other products in the Rêve de Miel series enriched with the amazing honey. It provides moisture and care to all dry places on body and face - it is the all-rounded product you will never get enough of. I keep it on my bedside table for my lips (and boyfriend! He is a FAN) before bed, cuticles if they start drying or on my eyelids after removing makeup.

nuxe super baume review


Ialuset hyaluronic acid cream. A lot of people ask me how to use Ialuset hyaluronic acid cream. I find it best as an eye cream – and anti-wrinkle ally on my Marionette Lines and forehead lines. It works wonder as a thick mask but careful – I tried it on my boyfriend and his skin did react a little with redness. Ialuset is a concentrated in hyaluronic acid so make sure to try it on a small skin area first. This product is by far one of the best-most guarded hidden gems of French pharmacies. I’ll give you its packaging isn’t sexy but its formulation is worth any luxury anti-wrinkle and more.

ialuset creme review

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Rich with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, this product works like magic. It corrects AND hydrates (hence duo - I got you) skins prone to acne. I don’t use it daily but find it most useful around my periods when my skin tends to break out. It is gentle yet effective - and unlike other brands, it never makes my skin flake or sting. Must.

la roche posay review

Hair care

Karite Hydra, Shampooing hydratation brilliance by Rene Furterer. French girls love healthy hair. We love it glossy, natural, non-coloured and long. And believe me a simple product can go a loonnnggg way. Rene Furterer is a staple of French pharmacies hair care products. Originated in Provence, it is one of these brands that have always been in my home, my friends home, from mothers to daughters. It contains no silicon, but keeps a shiny creamy texture and smells delicious. Use it once or twice a week, followed by a conditioner and a mask a week. And voila, healthy glossy nourished hair.

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 Facile! If you are looking for more selfcare tips on French beauty, head to this section of the blog!