9to9 Girls: meet Crystal Joy, the Chicago born actress, screenwriter and producer

Meet Crystal Joy, the Chicago born, who wears the 9 to 9 Girls banner like no one else does. With a full-time job, running her own indie production company Blu Room Productions, as well as acting and screenwriting; Crystal Joy has her plate full! Inspired by her story and the one of all women living this day and age; she created an Instagram Script Series Nights., taking place in Chicago and Ghana. Through captioned photographies and Insta stories, this creative series narrates the story of Shala, a hard-worker- unfulfilled- slightly lost woman who totally resonates with all of us searching for more meaning and not knowing how to navigate our own journeys. This story is powerful. Like us, Shayla is scared of the unknown and becomes the magnifying glass of all our insecurities. Totally relatable and comforting in her vulnerability, Shalya is us. I found Crystal Joy’s story so compelling and refreshing and I loved her authentic answers. So without further due, read Crystal Joy’s interview!

This for sure - is an inspiring one!

Where can we find you on Instagram?

@imcrystaljoy & @_inthebluroom

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We love side-hustlers and entrepreneurs. Tell us a little bit about your business!

Blu Room Productions was birthed out of the desire to create work for myself and others. I’m attracted to certain types of stories, and I wasn’t seeing those narratives circulating the film and tv world. As a result, I decided to collaborate with other filmmakers by writing and executive producing content for myself and other actors.

What's your ambition for it within the next 6 months?

Expand my reach, grow my team, and share my stories internationally. I would also love to be interviewed on a podcast.

Tell us about the most decisive career decision you made and that shaped the way your life is now?

I made the goal to talk about my business more, take bigger risks with my creativity, and capitalize on social media. A lot of self-doubts crept in, but once I took action on these three things I noticed (and still am noticing) big changes. When you make a firm decision to do something, doors will open to assist you in completing those goals.

If you met your 23 year old self today, what would you love to tell her?

Fear isn’t real, self love is a practice, and most importantly, know your value.

We love positivity. What is the thing you love most about yourself?

I love my ideas, and that I’m always willing to help other people shape theirs. Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of, and I’ve been that person for a lot of people.

The qualities you appreciate the most in a woman?

Intuition. Nothing is stronger than that.

How do you handle setbacks and failures?

I’m still learning how to handle it, but the very first thing I do is breathe. In addition to that, I’ve come to understand that whatever is meant for you will always find you. I know it’s easier said than done, but once you really align with a positive mantra it’ll help you take failure and setbacks with much more grace. A setback is sometimes a set up for something greater and a failure is simply an opportunity to learn something you didn’t know before. It’s all about how you interpret challenges and your perspective on life.

What is your happy place?

Any place that’s quiet with my nose in a book.

Does any type of 'spirituality' play a part in your life?

My spirituality is extremely important in my life. It centers me and provides a lot of clarity. I really tune into what my inner guidance system says to me. I also meditate every morning, read books that pertain to spirituality and growth, as well as listen to motivational speeches and sermons.

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

An adapter to charge my phone and headphones.

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What is women empowerment to you?

Empowering others. If you empower other women, you’re also empowering yourself. I think it goes hand in hand.

1 podcast you'd recommend?

In Good Company with Otegha Uwagba

1 book?

You Are A Badass At Making Money’by Jen Sincero

One woman in the public eye who is nailing it right now?

Zazie Beetz!

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