Announcement: we are launching our scented candles business!

Hello 9to9 Girls and happy New Year! So happy to be back after a couple of restful weeks in Paris and especially with what’s to come! It’s been already an incredible start of the year for us announcing our engagement last week in Paris, but this is just the beginning for us, and the prospects are very exciting!

Next week, on the 17th of January, we will be launching our brand of scented candles ReCollections Candles, and we could not be more excited to unveil this project with you!

When we were doing long-distance, and if I had had a tough day at work and was missing him, Christopher used to (semi) joke over FaceTime and always say: ‘All is going to be fine: just breathe, pour yourself a cup of tea and light one of your fancy candles’ And it did – get better. Then, when we bought our place in Oslo, one of the first things we did, to fully make it a home, was – again- to burn scented candles. And so, this became our thing.

Collecting objects with a unique story, curating interiors and renovation projects are some of our mutual passions – so it’s easy to say, that creating beautiful, long-lasting and personal objects was always in the cards for us. And so, it’s in Vietnam earlier last year, that the idea really revealed itself to us: why wouldn’t we marry our heritages of French perfumes and Scandinavian candle craftsmanship into a unique candles collection. A collection that would be so special, that it would feel like walking down memory lane, at every single burn. And not just for us, but for every single customer. A personal candle. And ReCollections was born.

Our collections are seasonal, changing perfumes and designs. This first limited edition  collection consists of two uniquely crafted scents, two specially designed patterns and two repurposable glass colors; for a choice of 4 unique candles.

Recollection #1 in black and white jars

Top note: freesia, bergamot, ginger root

Middle note: ylang ylang, mossy notes, whitewood

Bottom note: cedarwood, amber, fir needle

recollections candles
recollections candles white glass

ReCollections. Your own memory lane to the places you treasured, the experiences you lived, the people you loved.

Recollection #2 in black and white jar

Top note: jasmine petals, neroli blossom, spices

Middle note: gardenia bloom

Bottom note: white musk

recollections candles black jar
recollections candles white jar

We stayed away from the commonplace of labelling generic scents, and left our candles unnamed, so that every burn is about you and what their scents evoke to you. Our bespoke perfumes are made in the South of France in Grasse, the international capital of perfume. Our candles are hand-poured locally, by people we know, just a few hours’ drive from Oslo and made with a high-quality wax, designed for longevity and are clean, 100% natural and vegan. No beeswax, no animal-testing, no paraffin, no phthalate and no paraben. ReCollections Candles are designed for the aspirations of our generation towards clean self-care and longevity. With personal scents for all, we eliminated the need to push a broad range of products at once on the market.

Our candles have the highest scent percentage in wax on the market, and are truly high-quality products, designed for a smooth and constant 50 hours burn. By making them available online, our mission is to create rich, beautiful candles, more affordable than some of the household names on the block. Our aspiration is to tap into a market gap for high-end candles with focus on customer personalization, design and sustainable production.

 We hope you will try them love them, travel down memory lane and recollect.

See you on the 17th of January, and in the meantime, make sure to start following us on Instagram

Evodie and Christopher