9to9 Girls: meet Kelsey from Miles of Smiles

I am beyond excited to share with you this interview! I ´met´Kelsey through Instagram, when BF and I were traveling through Vietnam earlier this year. I randomly stumbled across her incredible feed and her fantastic food and hidden gems recommendations got us hooked. (Insider LOL: we based most of our brunches on her blog posts!) Her Insta account is the actual dream and I cannot recommend enough her blog Miles of Smiles. It is a must for any South East Asia lover, #foodporngrammer or enthusiast traveler! I wanted to have Kelsey on the blog for few reasons, but especially for her passion and drive! Kelsey is the true #9to9girl, after traveling the world, Kelsey decided to teach English abroad. Teacher by day and blogger by night; she is a massive inspiration on how to create an online business from scratch! I bought her ebook and cannot but recommend enough her tips on curating an Insta account, on photography and marketing hacks! Always smiling, always in gorgeous settings and fully authentic, you will love this week´s interview!

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Where can we find you on Instagram? 

You can find me at @milesofsmiles._ :D

What is your relationship to Instagram?

I love love love Instagram most of the time! Though I think when I first was starting up it was much more of a love/hate relationship. It is such a good platform to create a community and talk or meet up with some super awesome people! 

What is the thing you love most about yourself?

I think superficially I really love my natural hair color, but also I love my creative side and how much I enjoy painting and creating art. 

What holds you back in life?

Insecurities and self doubt for sure! 

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

I would probably say to just really enjoy the moment, at 23 I was living in Thailand and live was breezy! I would say to take it in!

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´My life is successful because...´

... of my incredibly supportive partner, family and friends!

What is always in your bag from 9am to 9pm?

Sunnies, and hand sanitizer! 

What did you dream to become growing up?

I always wanted to work for National Geographic - still is the dream!

What is women empowerment to you?

Women working with each other, lifting and supporting each other!

3 women who have marked your life and why.

Definitely my mother, my philosopher adviser Vera, and my closest girl friends. 

How do you create your personal chamber?

Nowadays since I live with my partner, I would probably say that my "own space" is when I go to a coffee shop down the road! 

What is your self-care routine?

Always lotion and SPF in the morning, and washing my face before bed. I use a tea tree oil clay mask twice a week which really helps with detoxing my skin since the pollution in Hanoi is so bad.

What is your most treasured possession?

I still have my teddy and blanket from when I was a baby, they are so special.

What does 'home' mean to you?

I think that home is wherever your loved ones are, and it can be an ever changing concept.

What is on your bucket list? Name 2 items

Traveling through the Middle East, and definitely creating my own business and leading a location independent life!

Interview by EF x