How to create a morning routine to boost your energy

Either you love your job or you don't; chances are, you have to wake-up and get cracking with the day ahead! I have been in both position. Absolutely loving where I was going and feeling excited at the prospects of the day and feeling the energy flowing through me. But equally, I have had days in the past where I found myself dreading the day and feeling anxiety and wanting to procrastinate in bed, nervous about colleagues and the toxic environment I was heading to later. So needless to say, over the years I have crafted some great morning hacks to make me, not only more excited about the day, but even more so, to carve out some quality time for myself, like a safe bubble of happiness that is mine. Regardless of what the day might be bringing. Regardless of what the weather might be saying outside. This is my time. So I want to encourage you to think about these moments and make them special, and make them yours. With real intention.

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I also generally looove the idea of routines. The ease and comfort that they bring. I remember being 16-17 and journalling about my fantasy of older women and their habits. I would feed on interviews in ELLE or Vogue or the Express Style (that arrived each week on the family coffee table) and read and drool. I couldn't get enough of their advices, and I starting envying these women who just knew who they were, and what they needed, and what they liked. These women who had learnt over the years which products and brands to buy and bulk on. I remember feeling so inadequate and so foreign to them. I had no financial control on what I could buy; no control of the space I lived but the big family home; no knowledge of what to buy or what to use, and didn´t know what I liked for that matter. And oh boy did I wish did. I wanted to have secret tricks too and share them, I wanted old fashioned habits tried and tasted over years, I wanted to be able to stand for something, align with something. I guess I stopped fixating on it and just went on doing that exactly. Over the last 10 years living on away from home, I learnt what I needed, what suited me and what didn´t. I learnt what was worth investing in and what were mere trends, what my body craved and what my mind required. What made me happy.

And my mornings are the very concentration of just that. They were the mean to make myself wake-up each day a little bit happier despite circumstances or environment. From learning to know myself better, from heart breaks, to career up and downs, from country to country, from business trips to holidays, my mornings routines have been crafted and just feel good. great. They feel home. They are home. Wherever I find myself, the same rhythm accompanies me.

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For me knowing that I will have some beautiful, scented, lush products stocked in my bathroom and some good-looking towels always make the morning extra special. And typically, it goes as this. I open the window wide, turn the shower to extra hot, put a face mask on and go seam-in for 10min. Then I pop on one of my favourite wholesome podcasts to listen to in the morning, light up a candle and it is precious pampering, me time. I start by using the best of French pharma product, Bioderma micellar water, which I pair with a toner from Innisfree which is really one of the brands you should know, if you like gentle products! I gently dab on my serum, and moisturizer (I am a huge Embryolisse user, which I get whenever in France or when I have visitors). And I finish with some great body cream from And Other Stories. I put my hair up in my usual work-days bun and spend the next 5min on my make-up. Very simple. A tiny bit of concealer, brown eyeliner, mascara and some bronzer. In summer, I use few drops of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or, that I apply on the top of my cheekbones. It smells like the sun, and looks like a tan. A bit of perfume, some clothes that make me feel good and empowered. Et voilà! I love to make us coffee with a quick healthy breakfast. We sit down at our dinning table for 10min or so, chat and respectively scroll on Instagram. This just makes the morning happier. And then I'm off.

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Taking some time for myself, is like a little ritual in the morning. No matter what lies ahead, I consciously take these moments for myself. I feel pampered, nourished from great podcasts and inspiring interviews, and happy to spend some quality time with BF. It makes the day mine. It takes me 45min to an hour from alarm to set-off, but that´s ok. That's my moment, my treasure, my moment of perfect control.

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