9to9 Girls: meet Sophie

9to9 Girls is a collection of interviews with strong and creative women who have all, in their own rights and on their own terms defined what a successful life is to them.

Sophie and I met whilst working in Edinburgh few years back. She is the most lovely, bubbly, clever girl and is such a breath of fresh air and wisdom. Born and raised in Northern Ireland and now Scotland based, she is an avid traveler, a musicals absolute talent and runs her blog Life With Clarity as a way to connect with other millennials and help twenty somethings experience life with more clarity. You will be inspired. Your mind clearer.

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Where can we find you on Instagram? 


What is the thing you love most about yourself?

I have been told I am approachable and friendly, which I feel looking back has given me lots of different opportunities, especially in the workplace. I think being approachable is really important, as it allows people to ask for your help and convide in you when they need it. You never know what doors this will open up for you!

What holds you back in life?

Wanting to try too many things! I am an enfp personality type, which means I am happy when I am doing new things and meeting new people. One week I want to be an astronaut, one week I wanted to be a writer or maybe a space journalist! As well as this, ENFPs can be very emotional and sensitive, but I am trying to work on this as well as trying to keep focus on 1 project at a time. 

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?

Keep your work life balance in check. At school I was an extra curricular junkie, having something to do after school all the time. This doesn't have to stop once you leave and become an adult. It doesn't have to be work, TV, sleep, repeat. Keep your diary full of different activities, giving your body and mind new things to explore. 

´My life is successful because...´

I am always grateful for my life, where I am and what I have in the moment. As well as this,  I can recognise when certain friendships or relationships have reached their expiry date. I have heard that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so I prioritise trying to always keep the right inspirational people around me.

What is always in your bag from 9 to 9?

A good book! I love finding random down time where I can get a few pages read of a book, whether that is waiting for a bus or if I am 5 minutes early to a meeting. I am mainly a non fiction girl and love reading biographies, guide books or learning about history. 

What did you dream to become growing up?

I always thought of myself as being a business owner of some kind, taking inspiration from my family who are all self employed. I have lots of notebooks of different ideas and love researching on the side - hopefully this will come true 1 day! 

What is women empowerment to you?

Women empowerment to me is recognising and celebrating the talent of women around you. I love seeing women finding their passion and showcasing it to the world. 

3 women who have marked your life and why.

Fiona Blackie gave me my first internship, an opportunity to support her marketing activities for her recently funded charity, Wonder Kids Cards. She gave me so much more than marketing practice, she also gave me a positive mindset, encouragement to travel and a desire to live for my passions. 

Vivienne McMaster, my former tap dance teacher gave me my love for the stage. All those years of pushing me out of comfort zone gave me the confidence I now have in my daily life. 

Gemma Stenhouse, one of my best friends, is passionate about saving the planet. Before she came into my life, I have to admit, I was one of those people who thought, “well what I do won’t make a difference” when it came to anything to do with environmental issues. But seeing Gemma’s passion on this subject has been amazing and has made me think twice about my daily decisions. Gemma even climbed Arthur’s Seat for 24 hours in exchange for pledges from people such as going vegan for a week, or not using the kettle for a day - she is a hero! 

How do you create your personal chamber?

I love a window seat, (especially when it has secret storage space underneath!). I love simple things when I am creating my own space to relax, some essentials are fairy lights, candles and lots of cushions around me. I love using this space to write or listen to a newly discovered podcast. 

What is your self-care routine?

I always try to get bed early during the week, trying to unwind an hour or so before I am ready to go to sleep. I am not a gym person, so I find ways to exercise that doesn't seem like a chore. I love planning netball, dancing with my theatre group and cycling with my boyfriend along the canals in Edinburgh (not quite ready for the hills of Edinburgh though haha).

What is on your bucket list? Name 2 items

A lot of my bucket list involves travelling to new countries. One high on the list is New Zealand, especially to see the Waitomo glow worm Caves. 

I have always dreamed of funding my own charity or social enterprise. I think this would be an amazing way to positively contribute to the world. I love helping people in small ways through daily life, but I would love to do this on a large scale. 

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