7 inspirational books to read this summer

Summer holidays are starting, and I for sure am looking forward to some beach and quiet reading under Portofino's fragrant olive trees. So I thought I would put together a list of the top inspirational books for women to read and the best books of 2018 to help navigate your Amazon shopping! Say no more.

I personally love reading real-life narratives, and I wrote all about my need to have role models to look up to. I take notes, I scribble, I compare career trajectories and distill gems of wisdom. I like to go back and remember the moments and words that moved me, that resonated with me at the time of read. So each recommendation comes with my favorite quote, to add some flavor to them. Go enjoy ladies!


The Female Persuasion, Meg Wolitzer

Called the novel that every girl in her twenties should read; The Female Persuasion is Meg Wolitzer´s new book, literally just off the press. She confirmed a movie adaptation with Nicole Kidman will actually be filmed soon. I read this book during a tough time of my life earlier in Spring, and it really brought some light and perspective into my journey. I highly recommend this for your summer. It brings up a lot of relevant contemporary topics such as the #metoo movement; women competing amongst themselves; ageing; feminism; female friendships; love relationships and career aspirations.

´It was as if her voice alone had quit her job, her voice had stepped up and made the executive decision and done all the speaking, while the rest of her had simply listened and watched. Was this what it meant to have a voice that wasn´t always an inside voice?´p 351

the female persuasion book


Everything I know about Love, Dolly Alderton

I adored this book. Everything about Dolly Alderton, from her podcast(s) to her writing connect so very deeply with me. Almost the same age, raised in the same (semi) privileged milieu, educated privately and in the UK - we both are the product of our early days: naturally self-absorbed, in love with the idea of love, desperate for meaning with a prone talent for overthinking and introspection. I cannot recommend this book enough. It will speak to your heart, remind you of your wild uni days and pre-teens MSN flirts. It will confront you with the lack of self-esteem of your early 20´s and make you laugh out loud reminiscing on all these bad dates you probably had (too).

`A week into my big New York adventure, I realized that places are kingdoms of memories and relationships; that the landscape is only ever a reflection of how you feel inside.`p 177

dolly alderton book

Tough Choices, Carly Fiorina

‘Some people see inspiration for themselves in other’s success. And some people simply resent others’ strength because it highlights their own perceived inadequacies.' p 106 

carly fiorina

How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life, Joanna Barsh

‘Your leadership journey is a marathon, with challenging hills and long stretches, along with exciting moments that come from personal and collective achievements. Enjoy your training, enjoy your endurance, and enjoy the terrain. In other words, enjoy your journey, including your own strength and resilience’ p 260 

how remarkable women lead

Thrive, Arianna Huffington

‘To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a Third Metric, a third measure of success that goes beyond the two metrics of money and power, and consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.’ p 4

thrive arianna huffington

A Big Life in Advertising, Mary Wells Lawrence

'You can’t just be you. You have to double yourself. You have to read books on subjects you know nothing about. You have to travel to places you never thought of travelling. You have to meet every kind of person and endlessly stretch what you know.'



Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!, Nicholas Carlson

‘Though the people who did not like Mayer were often as female as male, women are, unfortunately just as likely to dislike a powerful woman because she is a woman as a man is. The fact is: Google was mostly a male environment, and by standing out in her Oscar de la Renta, Mayer made herself a target.’


Please let me know what you are reading this summer! Any recommendation is needed at my reading rate! haha