The best podcasts to start listening to

Hello you, thanks for tuning in again this week!
I wanted to start thanking you for the tremendous support I have received these last two days after the publication of our latest post. Your encouragements have meant more than I could express, and hearing your stories, your perspectives and your advices have helped transformed my take on the recent events, and boosted me to keep pushing harder and through.

Staying motivated when things are not running their usual course can really feel daunting, and I have found great comfort and renewed energy in listening to podcasts. I have my favourites, as more and more of us do. Podcasts are booming. Each week I tune in on my usuals, these special ones that make me feel that extra more in control, that extra more confident with life, just by having them at the tip of my fingers (read: ears). But I keep branching out, choosing to add new ones and consolidate my now (pretty) extensive repertoire.

So here is yours´ truly updated and curated weekly playlist of the very 6 best podcasts to download asap.

NB: podcasts are best found directly into your phone´s app, but for ease of share, I am including a direct embed so you can listen to it right here, right now.

Pardon My French with Kelly Wearstler.

If you love interior design and want to know about how to create a business, this one is for you. Kelly is a superstar interior designer and her interview just opened a new world of creativity and inspiration to me.

CNN Boss Files with Julie Sweet CEO of Accenture

Great one on leading with empathy and starting from nothing and making it to the (very) top. 

Happy Place hosted by Fearne Cotton with Alexandra Shulman

TV super star Fearne Cotton interviews the ex-head of Vogue UK. Great interview, for a very honest heart to heart on the reality of working in very competitive environments and having the pressure to provide financially for your family.

Desert Island Discs with Emma Bridgewater

Classic and queen of Podcast Kingdom, D.I.D is a new addition to my playlists. I am hooked to the the format and to the voice of Kirsty Young. In this particular episode, she interviews the acclaimed British homeware designer and business woman Emma Bridgewater, for a very emotional and fun! heart to heart.

The High Low

Fantastic episode that touches on post-partnum and the incredible portrayal of motherhood by the Duchess of Cambridge just few hours after giving birth. Glamorous? Disservice to mothers and the trauma of birth? Inevitable part of her role as a princess? Have a go!

The Good Life Project: You don´t need to be fixed

This episode is a must for everyone trying to find and accept their place and purpose in life, and calming the inner voice of blame and of not fitting in. A great one on self-worth and living a fuller life.

Please share your top podcasts or series or talks that have inspired you lately, I know I need it!

Until next ladies, have a great #9to9daily!