The 6 feel-good podcasts episodes to listen to this week


People have asked me times, and times again 'Why should I start listening to podcasts?' Well simply put, podcasts make me happier. It may sound a little silly, but they really do. They literally tick every boxes a single media could provide. In the last two years of being a regular podcast listener, I have come to discover some pretty amazing women and men through selected podcasts. I have come across businesses and social enterprises; I have found new inspiring blogs and tried lush healthy recipes. I have learnt about Politics and challenged my mind on Finance and Environmental issues. By listening to the journeys of phenomenal entrepreneurs and creators, I have become more inspired and more motivated to pursue my business goals. I have laughed, indulged, and developed more creativity to grow our (very small) business. And now, there is not a week that goes by without really looking forward to the weekly releases of my favourite shows.

But what's so compelling to me is their inherent intimate nature. Podcasts feel homey to me, just like a friend always on the go with me. We all have favourite authors, bloggers and Instagram influencers we love to check everyday, and expect to find inspiration and comfort from. But a podcast brings the person to life. Hearing a person's voice, hearing them expressing their thoughts and digging deep into their emotions or sharing quality time with invitees adds a whole new dimension to their content. It brings them closer to you. It may sound cheesy, but I do feel as if I know YogaGirl, or Venetia Falconer. I love getting up in the morning knowing today, I will be hearing the hilarious Jo Elvin or indulge on the latests celebrities gossips with Vanity Fair's In the Limelight. And I absolutely loooove walking to work with a soothing, wholesome podcast in the likes of Strong not Skinny Podcast or Let's Discuss or Pardon my French. Podcast in ears, steamy cup of black coffee in hands, I know my day is going to be alright. I am making space for myself. I have a friend there with me.

So I can only encourage you to give it a serious try! Find a category that you love. Health, business, food, fun, politics... Whatever it is that makes you tick and adds fun and joy to your life, go find it! And tune in. It's still the beginning of the year and the perfect time for setting beautiful intentions for yourself. Why not try podcasts?

So here are my 6 best feel-good podcasts episodes I listened to this week. They are directly embedded, so you can give it it try - right here, right now.

#1 The High Low: Food Snobbery, the Suffragettes and Kylie Jenner's secret pregnancy.

#2 Talking Tastebuds: Rhiannon Lambert, How to re-nourish your body

#3 Katie Couric: Wonder Woman, Maggie Haberman

#4 The Chasing Joy podcast: Gut health, why calories aren't an accurate measurement

#5 The Strong Not Skinny podcast: Emma Mills

#6 Love Stories with Dolly Alderton: Vanessa Kirby

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I would truly love if you could give me your recommendations and favourite podcast gems! Sharing is caring ladies ;) xx