How to stay up-to-date with the world from 9 to 9

Because it’s a first, I thought I’d introduce this article properly! As you know, 9to9Daily was always intended to be a digital magazine, as so we started taking in new contributors to enrich your experience as a reader by adding new women’s perspectives and new topics. Emails have flown in, and first one up is Cecilia. You’ll remember her as one of our very first 9to9Girls.

Cecilia says she is ‘Life lover, curious explorer, sarcastic and silly, closeted romantic, over-thinker and overly dramatic especially when hungry. I work in corporate marketing by day and attempt adulting the rest of the time.’

How to stay up-to-date with the world from 9 to 9

Let’s face it, we are busy. Not just from 9 to 9. We are always busy. I’ll admit I found myself scheduling relax-time in my agenda and wishing I didn’t need to sleep as much as I do.

This fundamental lack of time calls for one of two things: a time machine (hit me up if you know where to find one), or optimization.

We live in crazy, crazy times and staying informed is as painful as it is necessary.

Here are 5 ways of doing it without spending 2 hours on the couch with the newspaper like your dad used to when you were 7.

#1 Podcast your daily news.

Right now my favorite is Monocle - you can pick a quick 30 minute catch-up or an hour long deep dive depending on how long your commute to work (or your workout) is.

#2 Bullet points.

Some news outlets, like the New York Times, allow you to sign-up for a daily newsletter that you can read in literally 5 minutes.

#3 Not all that shines makes the first page.

The Economist’s Espresso app posts 5 pieces of news from the world in pills Mo-to-Sat (so short you can screenshot each one). Now, not only you are informed, but you have 30 great conversation topics a week!

#4 News blasts.

Download any news app of your preference and enable notifications to get all the breaking news. CNN and BBC also allow you to select your preferred topics.

#5 Alternative topics.

To get some additional news, on topics that are mainly business and entrepreneurship focused, I subscribed to “The Hustle”, a daily newsletter with a spike of humor.

Pro tip:

Balance global and local. If you’re like me, international news is your daily bread, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your local news. On the other hand, if you’re all up in the national politics, don’t forget that no country is an island, even if it’s surrounded by water.

Written by Cecilia P.