How not to quit your new year's resolutions before January ends

The year is over, and as usual we’re all under the impression that it’s not just the end of another calendar, but of a whole phase in our lives. We look back at the last 12 months and evaluate them.

Looking back on the year

Often, people tend to remember more of the bad and tend to forget all the good stuff. But in the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to do the opposite exercise. Not only do I focus on the positive events of those last 365 days,but I also think about the times that were not so great, and give kudos to myself and the people around me for getting through and out of them. Because life can’t always be “all roses and flowers” (my Italian mates will get this one).

What makes you great is how you face adversity and, most importantly, your appreciation for all the privilege, big or small, that life throws your way. And thinking about that alone will make you feel way better about yourself.

I have also been getting into the mindset of setting goals for myself, some sort of intermediary steps towards bigger targets that I want to hit throughout my life -procrastinators- let me tell you, this one is for you! This stratagem is great for the end of the year, but also if you’re feeling uneasy about a birthday coming up (although, the alternative to getting older is way worse guys - that alone should be enough said.)

Starting the new year

Around January, I start thinking about ambitious but achievable goals: it can be anything from work, personal interests, or health all the way to turning a dream into reality. This helps me keeping my eyes on the prize, and at the same time judge myself objectively. ‘Cause we are always our worst judges, and the same way goal setting helps your boss evaluate your performance when bonus season is coming up, you need to do the exact thing with yourself. And your bonus is a great ego boost and more energy to aim for the stars next year.

My resolutions for next year will be “Health+Wealth” ( I am a marketer so yes, even they are a slogan).

Did you achieve what you wanted this year? What is 2019 looking like? Always happy to hear from you in the comment section.