The best French pharmacy serums to adopt and recommend

My relationship with skincare really got forged as a teenager in France, and over the years – despite trying new things, I mostly kept my taste and preferences for French pharmacy products. One because they generally are more affordable than the department store skincare options and two, they are really designed with specific skin issues in mind (acne prone, dehydrated, sensitive skins, redness etc.) and really cater better for buying preferences (organic, vegan, non-animal testing). All that to say the French pharmacy skincare routine has become a little bit of a way of life for me. And having lived abroad for the last +8 years; I have been consciously researching and testing (incl. stealing from my mother and sister) what were the must-have beauty products to buy every time I’m in France.

We’ve written few French pharmacy reviews for you to check, and have also created a menu tab dedicated to French beauty products, but today we wanted to share our favorite selection of serums and hyaluronic-acid solutions to buy in French pharmacies. So when you find yourself next in Paris or want to shop online, here are the best French serums to try and recommend to your girlfriends (or mothers!)

#1 Caudalie Glow activating anti-wrinkle serum

This french pharma serum is the one I am currently using, and I love it. Ok the smell is a little particular (if you’ve never bought Caudalie products before, they are specialised in grapes and vine solutions, so it does smell a little tanguy). BUT! this serum is packed with antioxidant polyphenols which are designed to shelter the skin from everyday exposure to pollution and stress. It is perfect if you are in your mid-twenties and are looking for a light preventive anti-wrinkle solution and want a glow, dewy skin finish. The texture is silky and watery and completely not sticky. (35,50€)


#2 La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 serum

The iconic La Roche’s blue bottle and a fantastic acid hyaluronic formula that will plump your skin and give it back its elasticity. Its formula mixes vitamins b5 (hence its name) and madecassoside to activate your skin renewal. The texture is dewy, not watery and not sticky either but more like a light gel. Very affordable, and definitely one of the best French serum to buy in pharmacies. Best for early wrinkles and dull-tired skins and city girls! (23€)

best french serum


That french pharma serum is one we reviewed before. Absolute babe. I bought it on my last Christmas trip a year ago (so yes, it will be restocked!). It is just too good not to share! 4 little dollops on your T-zone and cheeks and swipe across from your nose to your cheeks is really all you need to feel really plump and glowy in no time. I use it in the morning before my moisturiser and at night after my essence and before my night cream. Again, a great hyaluronic acid serum for first wrinkles and cases of dull skin. I love the bottle and the texture and the smell. A real winner, price less so, but I would say worth it! (40€)

best serum filorga

#4 Cattier Serum douceur apaisant

If you are looking for an organic option, this serum is for you! Cattier is fantastic of natural skincare solutions. I loved their acnes solutions when I was a teenager and got hooked with their essential and earthy scents. You just know you’re putting absolute goodness on your skin! The Cattier Centle Soothing Serum Philtre Exquis aims to deliver immediate relief for sensitive or agressed skins. Its formula really quenches the skin's thirst, leaving it healthier and brighter. Perfect for redness prevention and dehydrated skins. (17€)

serum cattier

Sharing is caring, so share with us your favourite skincare goodies of the moment, French pharma must-have or not, we are taking all advices and recommendations!