9to9 Kitchen: Agathe's winter cauliflower-cream comfort soup

As you may know, 9to9Daily is now taking onboard contributors, adding new passions and areas of expertise to share with you! Emails have flown, and I am so pleased to give 9to9Daily a breath of fresh air and newly baked content. So to kick us off and introduce Food (!!!), meet Agathe, a dear friend of mine growing-up in Orleans and our first Parisian years.

Agathe, 28, best describes herself as:

Member of the OCD lifestyle society, I am a wife with shameless expensive taste and a 24/7 happy kid owner. Unconditional rock lover and regular bathroom singer, I am also an excessive macarons enthusiast, an inherent tea addict and a cancer survivor.  

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1 cauliflower
1 L of half creamed milk
250g of grated parmesan cheese


1 - Wash your cauliflower into small bits.
2 - Pour the milk into a big pot and add the pieces of cauliflower. Let it cook (under your careful watch because of the milk that can boil over very fast) until the cauliflower is completely soft.
3 - Blend it all and then add the parmesan cheese. No need to add salt since this kind of cheese is already very salty, but you can add pepper. And that's it !

Note: If you can find some, try make this velouté with blue/purple cauliflowers, especially if you have kids, the color is so fun!

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