9to9 City guide: the best healthy and trendy brunches in Oslo

One thing I learnt fast moving to Norway… was that brunch wasn’t really a thing. Well not the type I was used to at least. So if like me, you like a full English or a ‘continental’ definition of brunch mixing savoury and sweet treats, with a hot drink and an indulgent cocktail before noon, chances are you might be disappointed in Oslo. It is just different. Instead, people buy pastries that they eat at home, or cook or go for their definition of brunch… a late lunch (say 1pm).

Yet fear not, if you are visiting Oslo and looking for the best brunch and healthy breakfasts in Oslo, there are still some hidden gems and incredible foodie spots that will treat you right!

best healthy brunch in oslo

Miss Sophie

Neighborhood: Oslo Sentrum (King’s Palace)

Site: https://www.misssophierestaurant.no/

Probably the closest version to a traditional brunch. Beautiful setting, very Instagramable bathroom and delicious avocado toast. Must. If you are looking for a traditional brunch place in Oslo, this could well be your number!


Neighborhood: Oslo Sentrum (Posthallen)

Site: https://www.nordicfoodprint.com/

The new plant-based sensation will treat you on the weekends with a yummy banana bread, cinnamon rolls and more. Very trendy spot, super nice owner Hanna (check out her interview here) and honestly the best matcha latte I have ever tried! If you are looking for a healthy and vegan brunch option, this is your spot!


Neighborhood: Oslo West (Ulleval)

Site: https://osloraw.no/

Probably the most Instagrammable food of Oslo. Very cute spot. They do brunch/breakfast platters with a mix and match concept. Think chia pudding, raw cakes, avo toasts and delicious lattes. For a healthy breakfast place in Oslo, give it a try!


Neighborhood: Oslo East (Grønlandspark)

Site: https://www.kumi.no/

For a healthy vegetarian brunch and juice bar in Oslo, you can count on this place to deliver the best avocado toasts, delicious frittatas, wraps and my favourite combo of ‘rawnola’ and greek yoghurt. Very cute place for a Saturday morning!


Neighborhood: Oslo East (Rodeløkka)

Site: http://www.liebling.no/

If you like a Berlin, Zurich or Amsterdam brunch vibe, Liebling is for you. Bare, a tat hipster and very earthy, this is the place for healthy breakfast. GF and vegan options. If you are looking for a cool cafe in Oslo with vegan and gluten free breakfast options, this is the one!

Cafe Laundromat

Neighborhood: Oslo Sentrum (Bislett)

Site: http://www.laundromat.no/

Another great place if you like the NYC or London version of brunch. Full breakfast, burgers, avocado toasts and poached eggs, waffles and porridge are on the menu. You will be surrounded by books, that you can borrow or exchange. A treat on a late Saturday morning! For the best full English breakfast in Oslo, choose this place!


Neighborhood: Oslo West (Skoyen)

Site: https://maschmanns.no/brod-bakervarer-pizza/

A very quint and premium epicerie or Matmarked, with a bakeri and sit-down section. If you like good bread, great coffee and nordic pastries, this is your spot. And if (like me) you were on the look for a good French style bakery in Oslo, this is yours!

Brunches are great, but for your everyday breakfast, check-out our recommended breakfast options for healthy gut.

Any recommendations in Oslo? Hit us in the comment sections!

EF x