7 easy steps to become more mindful

It can sometimes feel really hard to stay inspired and to keep chasing your dreams. Even harder sometimes to define what your dreams actually are. I personally ended a pretty rough week last week, where everything seemed to be slightly off. I know the weather played the biggest role. I know my frustration with the local bureaucracy played an ever bigger part. Side-tracking on healthy eating certainly didn’t help, and skipping the gym twice left me in sheer angst. Snowball effect and here I was: uninspired, moody and unable to get out of my own head. When I get days or weeks like these in the year - and I know we all go through them- it seems impossible to see things from a rational perspective and to remind myself of my ‘whys’. But let me tell you friends: there is so much beauty, so much inspiration and meaning in the world when you look for it, and don’t focus on the inevitable negative stuff coming our way. Now that I am on the other side of the hill, and ready to conquer again what the next days and weeks will throw at me, I wanted to share 7 surprisingly effective ways to find inspiration, and keeping it.

#1 Talking honestly

I cannot recommend this enough. Talking and sharing can be so therapeutic. Sometimes we assume people will judge us or be annoyed if we share with them our vulnerable side when we feel sad, overwhelmed or in my case angry. But it is why we have loved ones and why we have real friends. Not just for the fun times. For all times. My boyfriend is probably the best listener and soothing whisperer I know. And when I bring up my frustrations or my sadness and even when I can’t truly explain the way I feel; I have found that sharing this pain brings us closer together because trust brings trust and raw hearts to raw hearts grow fonder. Same goes for friends. There have been times where I didn’t want to be overbearing but it takes the right vulnerability to say ‘I need your help’ to get better.

#2 Practising journaling

Often we cannot really put our fingers on why we feel a certain way. I can sense I’m tensed, I can sense that something or someone threw me off, but it’s not until I try to dissect my thoughts on paper and try to connect the dots that I start understanding things for myself. And sometimes just putting feelings into words and explaining myself more rationally in writing calms me down. And there lie all the negative things. On paper, out my heart and out my brain.

#3 Diving into podcasts

I like to turn to my role models to find inspiration, particularly if I lose sight of why I am hustling for this blog or why we came together as sisters on this project . Podcasts are a huge source of motivation for me. They rekindle me with my inner drive and make feel truly excited to keep pushing forth. Hearing the struggles and success stories of other ladies (and gents) encourage me to pursue my passion and reconnect with the reasons why we wanted to create something. To empower the women on the go, to give them the tools to pursue their dreams in their private life as in their work spaces. From 9AM to 9PM. And this last week these particular episodes saw me through:

The Healthy Maven with Ella Mills (we spoke about Deliciously Ella here too)

Katie Couric: Wonder Woman with Maggie Haberman

The Lifestyle Edit podcast with Madeleine Shaw

The Strong Not Skinny podcast with Melissa Hemsley

La Poudre with Garance Doré *for French speakers.

These podcasts have given me great ideas for the blog or just beautiful mantras for my personal self-development. They have added a certain dose of peace and comfort to my routine and comforted me in the idea that all the hard work matters.

#4 Starting with breakfast

Why should you eat breakfast? I cannot stress it enough. Starting the day with the right breakfast is paramount to keeping your mood and energy levels lifted. Read here our 5 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day. I personally go for a high protein breakfast and try and avoid anything sugary to feel laser focused and happier.

#5 Reading at night

I found that letting go of my screens and turning to paper instead, has helped me tremendously to relax at night and sleep better which for me, as for many has a huge impact on my well-being and drive. I also find that falling into an Insta black hole can leave me more anxious, more envious and rather unsatisfied, which truly serves no purpose. Instead, chose to opt-in for a great novel, a great magazine, an awesome bibliography.

#6 Getting into the workout routine

For me, exercising is key to maintaining a strong mental health. I’m finally back into running 3 times a week and working out during the other days. But this is my own experience. Find the flow that you need to let go of your stress, to replenish your mind and fuel your heart! I know that the days I skip the workouts will be completely blah and I’m for sure will be in a worse state of mind.

#7 Going back to the whys

Do you have whys? I call the whys my life mantras. My purpose, my mission, my legacy. Do you ever ask yourself what is it that you want to create with your life, what it is you might want to leave to your children? Why caring about work and why fighting to pursue your dreams? If you can create a short list of your whys -and this can be done just mentally-, you may find that it will centre you and will anchor your motivation deep within. Here are the whys I keep going back to whenever I hit inflection points:

  1. Why am I here? Because I made the choice to live a rich existence and make a home with the love of my life.

  2. Why eating healthy and exercising matter? Because my well-being is the foundation of all things. It allows me to love myself in order to love others.

  3. Why hustling for a blog? Because founding and sustaining a business that impacts and inspires women with my sister is my dream.

I would love to know how you keep motivated yourself? Please share with us, the more the merrier!

Evodie F.