Business trips, the Keep and Kill beauty list


I travel a lot. On average I get on a plane twice a month (it used to be once a week), and believe me after 6 years of working in business, I have become quite the expert at packing, unpacking and knowing which items should never leave my bag, and which ones are true essentials to keep me put together from 9 to 9. Less and lighter will always be your friends when it comes to travel. Happy bag, happy face, happy business.


Your plastic pouch. Mine lives religiously in my beauty case. I refuse to be the stressed, utterly annoying person packing her beauty products frenetically in the security line front of everyone. Save time, avoid fierce glares. Hack: pick a fresh one when you are in line and switch it for your next trip so it doesn’t get too gross with the odd toothpaste residue and serum leaks.

Samples are your friends. Serum, perfume, moisturizer. The business girl lives and dies by samples.

Hydration mask: airplanes, AC, stress, jetlag will make you skin thirstyyy. Bring it the proper care it needs. I chose a clear one so I can use it on transatlantic flights, and usually re-use it on my first and last night of the trip. My personal favorite: Origins Drink Up Intensive

Cleanser-scrub combo: we all love a super clean scrub and wash after a flight but don’t bring both, find one smart product  that will cater for both needs. My personal favourite: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing cream

All-rounded moisturizer: the best of moisturizer you should buy in a French pharmacy is my all-time favourite and cool Parisian beauty hack Embryolisse lait-crème concentré (read here for our review), I also love its sister light moisturizer that you can also get in a French pharmacy Bioderma Sensibio Light, or the all time classic Clinique redness solutions.

Swipes: yes we love fresh water sprays and other fancy toners, but choose efficiently. Gentle swipes for sensitive skin will serve multiple purposes: make-up removing, freshing-up in the plane, toilet roll or intimate tissues if needed. A great hack to try. My personal favourites: Simple micellar cleansing swipes or Bioderma Sensibio H20 swipes 

Serum: choose one that can work for morning and night, meaning a lighter gel formula. My picks: Kiehl's precision and pore tightening, AHAVA brightening and renewal, Glossier Super Bounce

Conditioner: hotels ones’ generally are terrible, so bring  a good one that you can use as a mask if need be or to replace shaving cream (2 hacks kn 1).  Favourites: any of Klorane's but the Magnolia one is divine or Aussie Mega moist in traveler size.

Hairspray: you won’t have time or the energy to wash and blow your hair every day, but a good hairspray can save the day.  Recommendations: All time classic, Elnett Satin by L’Oréal, Fekkai's sheer hold spray

Traveler pillbox: Forget glass bottles and countless tubes, count the right amount of supplements and vitamins you'll need and pop it in your box. Prefer a flat format.

A good toothbrush. Your teeth and gums are too important to subject them to hotel crappy supplies. Bring a good one and change it regularly!

Earplugs: a must. Same don’t let them become all gross before you swipe them for a fresher pair.

Nail file: some hotels provide them but broken nails always happen in transfers and planes, while carrying bags and a little thing can become really annoying. File away ! (ps: not a metalic one obviouslyyyy)

Lip balm: great for airplanes, works as a lipstick for your work day and has a weird comforting power. Best: Labello shine (we did review it here as part of the beauty products real French girls use)

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Shampoo: every hotel provides some, and if you follow the conditioner rule above, there is really no need to bring any. Less clutter, the better.

Tooth paste: unless your teeth require custom care, the airline or hotel's one shall do. Forget the half-empty-sticky-dry-caped tube and take advantage of free bees. 

Body lotion: every hotel provides a semi-decent one. Don't burden yourself and use it for your legs, hands and hair ends. Duplication of use is king.

Perfume: samplesssss (we’ve told you that before)

All other lovely skincare favorites that are not in the keep list. Yes I mean essence, oils, waters, eye cream, hair oils, cuticle creams that might sound very professional but truly are useless in this case. You'll be happy to find them when you're back!


Travelling for work? What items can you not live without? Share your essentials in the comments section.

Evodie F.