8 podcasts to keep you inspired from 9 to 9

I fell in love with podcasts about a year ago and it has changed my daily routine for the best. Throughout my morning beauty regime, my breakfasting, my walking, my working and even my gymming – I have found the perfect entertaining and inspiring companion. Needless to say, podcasting has become the new blogging, so if you haven’t yet, do jump on the band wagon and start with these 8 all-stars picks! There is one for every mood and they will keep you inspired from 9 to 9! Find them on your Podcasts app, Itunes, Google Play or SoundCloud (links on pics)!

#1 Ctrl Alt Delete 

Hosted by Emma Gannon, CTRL ALT DELETE caters for deep and fun conversations with guests who have had a unique journey in Entertainment, Politics and Fashion and how the Internet and social media have shaped their lives. Emma is uber smooth (got to love a good British accent). She is gentle and smart and you'll feel somehow uplifted and grounded.

Best use? Perfect for your make-up routing!

#2 The High Low

Hosted by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, this one distills weekly events in pop culture and in the news. Funny and friendly, The High Low will keep you up to date with the best of celebs and will challenge you on more 'serious' topics like mindfulness, feminism, politics and Taylor Swift (serious we said).

Best use? Perfect for your morning commute!

#3 From the Heart

I talked about my love for this one in this post already, but I cannot recommend it enough. Rachel will inspire you and make you hungry for life. Either solo or with a guest the weekly episodes deep dive into topics like love, overcoming adversity, wellness and entrepreneurship. Her voice is unique and her intentions so genuine, you won’t be able to wait for the next Friday release.

Best use? Perfect for a stroll in the park or with a hot cup of coffee on a cosy Saturday morning in bed!

#4 Hey, It’s OK

Need a laugh, or a breath of fresh air in your day? This one will have you hooked! Hosted by Jo Elvin, editor in chief of GLAMOUR UK, the podcast takes you into her famous ‘pod cupboard’. Every week, the team hosts a celebrity and plays the game ‘is it OK to…’ with hilarious questions like 'Is it OK to not want more friends?' or 'Is it OK to envy a friend's success?' Jo is an absolute legend and you will love the light-hearted feel of the conversation.

Best use? Perfect for your commute or to bright up your treadmill routine!

#5 At Home with

Love interiors? Love fashion? Love a good British accent? You will adore this one! Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton take you into the homes of celebs and creators for a tour of their interiors and a great heart to heart on their lives and careers. My ultimate favorite is episode 3, with the fabulous Terry de Gunzburg, founder of luxurious beauty brand By Terry (might have listened to it 3 times. But who is counting.). At Home with, will leave you and inspired and fuzzy in the heart. 

Best use? Perfect for your beauty routine day/night!

#6 The Call

Hosted by former political strategist Erica Williams, this one is the ultimate feminist dream. Erica meets with women who have answered their call in life and deep dives into the challenges of taking a leap of faith to live for a higher purpose. You will feel renewed in your dreams and excited for what’s to come in your life!

Best use? Perfect at work or for a quiet Sunday lazy morning!

#7 Pod Save America

Four former aides to President Obama take you through the latest developments of US and international politics and debate on the challenges facing America in the midst of Trump’s presidency. Journalists, politicians, comedians all join in a very smart, ever funny and inspiring conversation. Very different from the above numbers but a must-have to get your dose of unbiased, critical news!

Best use? Perfect when ironing, running, cooking !

#8 Pardon my French

Remember the Parisian’s myth from this post? Well this podcast pretty much agrees with us! Pardon my French is hosted by all-star French blogger and fashion guru Garance Doré. Always witty, the podcast features her team and feels like a true conversation with friends around topics such as meditation, long-term relationships, PMS, living with your partner but also include interviews of celebs like Hilary Swank. Very endearing, you will feel like you’ve known the Studio team forever. 

Best use? Perfect at work or whilst cooking !


So what did you think? Can't wait to hear what you thoughts of those and read your recommendations in the comments! Hit us with your best shot xx

Evodie F