The after-work date: the essentials to pack for a 9 to 9 day

You finally set-up a date. You've managed to find space between that gym class you don't want to miss, that business trip, the drinks you told your girls you will not postpone (yet again!) - and so the date falls on a weekday, the casual case of after-works. 

The struggle: keeping it casual with one bag, that can't overflow with 'survival stuff'. An outfit that needs to look sharp and easily upgraded to sexy.

The answer: prefer a classy/casual option. Forget bold prints, forget leather, forget overtight and oversized anything. Depending on your work place, think (dark) jeans, a shirt that you can open up at night, or a silky blouse that you can tuck in and untuck. And pick an extra layer that can work in both places like a tailored leather jacket or a blazer. For shoes, think 'what if we are walking a bit' and play safe when it comes to heels if you don't know your date's height.


#1 The right shoe

Depending on where you work, shoes might go from very high to low - to non existent. Make sure to bring either flats that fold or sneakers and leave your heels at the office. Best option if you can aim for the perfect 9to9 shoe: the ankle boot. Smart, elegant, screams confidence - yet casual and walkable. 

#2 Deodorant

Pretty self-explanatory. Bring, apply, hide and re-use in the bathroom.

#3 Perfume sample

Hack of all hacks, I have recently developed a new habit of going to the Dior counter (proud J'Adore girl since 2006!) of my favourite department store or Sephora and ask for samples ('I just want to make sure my skin doesn't react. Samplessss?'). And hop, pop it in your bag.  Forget the big shiny bottle, forget that old VS body spray lying around the odd gym bag under your desk. Bring your own smell. Will do magic.

#4 Pocket mirror

Stop relying on your phone's camera and get yourself an all time classic. Check teeth, nose, ears and corners of your eyes for some eventual mascara residuals.

#5 Hair-brush

Please brush you hair. Extra bonus points for shine and extra oomph.

#6 only 3 make-up essentials

Please do not carry your overloaded make-up bag. First it might be heavy and make your bag looks like it had to much to eat, second imagine your date stumbling upon that chunky-foundation-spoiled-baby, and third most important of all- the more you carry, the more you will try to redo and retouch. Keep it to the bare minimum. Bring concealer, bronzer/blush and mascara. Done, nothing more - maybe less, I'll leave you the judge of that.

#7 Phone charger

#8 Your wallet

It's 2018. Enough said.

Now let us know your tricks when it comes to date planning and your best ideas of outfits! Sharing is caring, and God knows we do!

Evodie F