6 beautiful websites to boost your lunch breaks

There is nothing like a tasty and quiet lunch break to get on with the rest of the day and infuse a oomph of energy and inspiration to our minds. When I am not meeting with a friend or if I am not having a business obligation, I just love to bring my own salad and cosy up with my laptop and some glossy digital content to soak on for visual inspiration and educational content. It's like daydream lunching. So I thought I'd compile for you the few websites that I check every week without fail. I know each one well, know what has been updated and what is fresh and have my go-to sections for each that just feel so comforting and homely. I hope this little list will equally boost your breaks and leave you excited to dream and pursue your goals. So love, pin away, and favourite on your search bar. I tell you my friend: you will want to come back for more.

#1 The Coveteur

Ultimate classic. I love their Closet section that takes you into the closets (duhhh) of the famous and fabulous. Glossy like a Vogue, irrevverential like a French Elle, a little lavish, a little fabulous and a little snobbish but truly beautiful and fun. Bon Appetit!

#2 Thrive Global

Ariana Huffington's new endeavour is an online magazine full of great articles promoting a culture shift in the work environments that allows people to reclaim their lives and move from stress and burnout at work to thriving. The website is filled with great inspiration on wisdom, on wellbeing and working smarter. Happy reading!

#3 Into the Gloss

Yes we spoke about this one quite a bit already here, ITG is the ultimate blog goal and beauty tips connoisseur. It is THE blog to check out for an inspiring lunch break (or bathroom break for that matter). My favourite section is the Top Shelf After Dark that unveils the ins and outs of cool girls' night outs routines. It is nerdy, sexy, funny at once. ENJOY!

#4 Refinery 29

Another great lunch destination, Refinery brings you fun and researched content on pop culture and beauty. I personally use it for their very good Entertainenement section. It is news without being newsy and pop without being tacky or dumb. A real breath of fresh air into your day!

#5 Man Repeller

Another fantastic site that will make you laugh beyond measures. MR covers fashion like no other site. It is ironic to the max, political and completely irreverential, it will feel like injecting sugar and spice into your lunch. I already spoke about its founder Leandra here. Absolute hero and girlboss exemplar. Have a read!

#6 Studio Dore

A great visual breath of fresh, clean, powdery air. Like a big pink macaroon and a warm fuzzy cup of tea. I particularily love their career section that consists of interviews of great and inspiring business ladies and artists. Very very great! If you need a dessert, look no more!

So what do you soak on ladies when it comes to inspiration? Keen to hear your thoughts, so please share in the comments!

Evodie F.