Office Christmas party DOs and DONTs

As we embark on December, this month will be filled with festive occasions to dress up and party. And every year the ultimate Christmas party comes up on the calendar: the office Christmas party. If it is your first, or if you just joined a new organisation, this most awaited event might sound daunting and full of unspoken rules to navigate through. What to wear, who to speak to, how much booze is too much booze, what to post on Instagram and what to avoid. After 6 Christmas parties, with different levels of drama, I thought I'd bring to you the best memo notes on how to behave at your work Christmas party whilst putting your best professional (stiletto) shoes forward whilst still having tons of fun!

#1 Choose chic over sexy

This is still work. These are still the people you will see everyday at work. Their respect and support will be still be vital to your career progression, so for the love of God do not screw this up with some over the top cleavage or short tighty tight dress. It might sound tempting to show off your best assets for that one occasion and enter that unspoken 'fittest office girl' contest that we all have played more or less intentionally. But resist that temptation and stay put. No need to be conservative, but a chic cut and colour, appropriate heels, a pretty bun and clean make-up *this is NOT a Kardashian lookalike themed party. So keep your sexy for the club and bring your chicest, most graceful self forward. Your older self fighting for promotion or project support will thank you! Here are some great ideas on how to look fabulous and still Manager material.

#2 Be mindful of social media hazard

We love a good Insta story or a funny Snap here and there. But again, remember that these posts are not your usual social posts and they will reflect on your employer, and vice versa. Keep the bottles, cigarettes and other snuggling snaps out of frame, or keep your account private! Remember that pictures speak a thousand words and # are searchable, so stay PG girl!

#3 Target who you want to connect to

Christmas parties are the ultimate occasion to socialise and meet co-workers you might not have met before. Know in advance who you might want to connect to and make a move. It can be that nice girl from the floor above, you've been dying to make friends with, or your boss' boss who you want to get to know you better. Be strategic, don't be a creep. A party is a party not a brainstorming session.

#4 Show your fun side

After all, this is a party. Don't be afraid to remain uptight professional at all time. Show you're enjoying yourself. If you are a funny person, a good dancer, a joke queen or a liquor girl at hear, show that. People love to relate to a more personal side, and people love fun people. Dance, drink but just know your limits. And for God's sake, don't go home with anyone! I speak of experience. This is still work.

#5 Stay away from gossips

It becomes very tempting, take my word for it, to want to bound over gossips. And alcohol helping, it becomes very very easy to vent and start bi*ching about the company and about colleagues. It feels like you can connect, it feels you can share similar frustrations, it feels good. But remind yourself: these words will remain, and will taint your reputation. This is not your friendly cocktail hour, and this is still paid and organize by that organisation you are criticising. So if you know you are not in a good place, or really dislike your work or boss, it might be better to stay home.

#6 Be the nice one

If you see any new comer, or old time nice but awkwardly shy co-worker standing on their own, be that girl who goes and make the effort to talk to them or introduce them to others. The effort will get noticed and you might be forging new alliances. It is also just all-time manners. Be nice. It's Christmas.

Do you have any other tips for a successful, drama-free office party? Please let us know in the comments section!

Evodie F.