The best podcasts to uplift your mood

Hello lovely readers, we are back with our all-time winner topic: the best podcasts to pimp your ears, uplift your mood and just make life that little extra happier! We already shared our ultimate top 8 in this article, but since then, we have discovered some other fantastic ones, and because we're nice, thought we'd spread the love and make you upgrade your playlists!

Sooo here we go!


Get It On

What does your outfit say about you? Great conversation starter isn't it? Very chatty and hilariously frank, Dawn O' Porter discusses the lives and journeys of her guests through their emotional - or not - connection to style. Very interesting, always bright and never shallow, this is a great listen for your treadmill session, whilst making breakfast or for walking around! 


Katie Couric


If you love the West Wing with a splash of Morning Glory (oh yeah you know we love that classic!),  Katie Couric's podcast is for you. From talking with Obama's advisers to mindfulness, from discussing her personal experience with overcoming deaths or cooking Christmas's feasts with Martha Stewart - the legendary journalist hosts the most famous names of Washington and Hollywood alike, you for an hour of refreshing and energising content. Great when cooking, walking, driving or couching! 


In the Limelight


My Tuesday night absolute delight commute. Ah! Where to start with this one. Sassy, completely gossipy, smart. Produced by Vanity Fair and hosted by two of their senior writers, the podcast is a 30min news review of the most controversial or juicy pop-culture stories of the week. If you have a lot of opinions about the Kardashians, if you ever wondered what the royals did for fun or how hanging out on a beach with queen B would feel like? Search no more. In the Limelight is the perfect insider into the glamorous life of Hollywood and all-star famous people. Never mean, always funny and free-spirited, this one will bright up any of your $hity day, trust me!


Happy Mum Happy Baby

1200x630bb (1).jpg

Yep I am not a mum, nor am I planning to be one in the very near future, but I genuinely fell in love with this podcast! In a series of warm and honest chats with other high-profile mothers, Giovanna Fletcher discusses all aspects of motherhood, from the highs and lows, the challenges and the uplifting moments. This podcast is just so cheery and happy and honest, it is a true pleasure to listen to. Even if motherhood isn't on your plans. For now.

Let us know how you like these podcasts and which ones you are listening to at the moment! The more, the merrier!

Evodie F.