Our favorite women empowerment movies to feel inspired after a crap day

After a stressful day at work, or if I just need a little boost of inspiration and fun, I do often turn to a good movie. Where I already shared with you my quest for role models in business, I now wanted to pass on my list of top feel-good movies with true #9to9 lives, that have helped me find courage at times, given me perspective or just have entertained me immensely. These movies are about women coming together and the fabulous connection of their friendships, about female strength of character and determination in the midst of hardships, about the fun and vibrance of femininity, and also about the importance of connecting with our souls and to love ourselves as women and as individuals. These are really my go-to movies to feel a little oomph after a stressful day or to feel cosy. I have watched them hundred of times combined, and to me they feel just like the comforting combo of warm gooey food with a steamy cup of tea and a fragrant candle shining in the corner.

So ladiez get those leggings on, make yourself one of these healthy treats (ben and jerry's will also do the trick on tough really tough days), get cosy and binge on!

1 Morning Glory

Why? Funny and delightful, a film about true determination to follow your career goals.


2 The Women

Why? Very funny and touching. This one is about the magical bound of women's friendships and independence from men's approval. Imagine Thursday night Happy Hour with your best friends, a good gossip and a good cry, here you have it.


3 Equity

Why? If you need a good dose of lady boss attitude and smart quotes, a perspective on your projects and how to smoothly maneuver politics, this one is for you. Also a good lesson on what a lack of work-life balance can do.


4 Young Victoria

Why? For a good dose of period drama, of love story and beautiful dresses. I particularly like this one when facing a dilemma, or trying to find the right balance between relationship and the demands of my career. A must!

Young Victoria.jpg

5 The Intern

Why? If you like tech, if you like fashion and if you loved the Devil Wears Prada, here comes the smarter and more realistic version (my humble opinion). I love this one to remind myself to keep on dreaming. A real lesson than even CEOs are vulnerable, anxious and struggle with family and career. I love Anne H's character. Smart, warm and emotionally intelligent, she is the CEO I want to be.


6 Wild

Why? For a good dose of introspection and an invitation to connect with your inner self and Dame Nature. A tale of courage and independence. NB: Tissues may be required.


7 Under the Tuscan Sun

Why? Because Italy. Because complete female independence. Because romance. A must for a relaxing night.


8 It's Complicated

Why? Think hot chocolate croissant, stunning interiors, Californian sun, cute coffee shop and Meryl Streep. But more than the amazing aesthetic of the film, the story is really about relationships. Relationships to men and relationships to our independence. It's about seeking love, seeking approval, hanging on to the past but also about the place of reason and freedom in love. Love, love, love it.


9 Because I said so

Why? Such a charming female relationships story. This one will make you want to call your sisters, your mother, and your best friends. Think hot chocolate brownies, cosy blanket and a good dose of fun. 


Now which movies do you turn to when times get rough or when you need to unwind? Let us know your favs, the more the merrier! xx

Evodie F.